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PMRS Bonus Show Food For Thought: Vintage Watches

This is an unedited conversation that is off the topic of our main show.  These bonus episodes are intended to generate a discussion and maybe give you more insight into an area outside of pipes and pipe smoking.  We hope that you will learn and maybe want to explore more in the subject after each episode.  These shows will come out every Friday for the time and our regular episodes of the Pipes Magazine Radio Show will continue to be made available on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.
For this weeks Food For Thought, we talk Vintage Watches with Christian Zeron, curator of the Theo & Harris collection. We hope you enjoy!

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Brian Levine, Food for Thought Host
Brian Levine, Food for Thought Host

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We hope you enjoy this bonus show.

For this weeks Food For Thought, we talk Vintage Watches with Christian Zeron, curator of the Theo & Harris collection

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As an admirer of analog watches, I totally understand Christian Zeron's fascination with vintage time pieces. I got my first watch in 1966, as a birthday gift when I was in the first grade. It was a wind-up (like all watches were back then) Timex in Stainless Steel, and like Christian, I immediately felt grown up. I was tremendously proud of that watch, and the new responsibility of caring for it. I wound it religiously every day, and always placed it on the nightstand before bedtime. The little iridescence green radium painted hands and quarter hour numbers, were modern magic to my 6 year old mind. Since then, I have never liked, or worn a digital display watch. I have always preferred totally analog watches, or at bare minimum an analog face with quartz movement. I currently wear a Seiko Solar Watch, with a quartz movement, and an analog face. As the name implies, the battery is charged via a solar cell on the face of the watch. I have a small collection of vintage fully analog (wind-up) pocket watches, and actually carry one from time to time. Great episode, I'm enjoying Food For Thought very much.
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