Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 615

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 615

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 615. Our featured interview tonight is with John Connor. John is a musician, song writer, music teacher, and a pipe smoker. He is a published indie musician with five albums out. At the top of the show we will continue with our ongoing tour of Brian’s pipe collection. This time we have five random pipes that Brian has for five different reasons – all good ones.

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John Connor
John Connor

John on YouTube

Brian’s Pipes Discussed on this Episode

The Pipes Magazine Radio Show features interviews with pipe makers, tobacco blenders, pipe and tobacco aficionados, collectors, and more. Episodes air every Tuesday.

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2 Responses

  • An excellent collection of pipes. I particularly like the Jay Mouton pipe.
    John was a very outgoing, intense and interesting guest. His music background and his process are quite intriguing. I found that John’s separation of music and pipe smoking makes absolute sense.
    His tobacco “chops” seem to be coming along nicely.
    John Connor’s song “Drinking With The Saints” had some tasty guitar licks, but the song was, for me, just meh.
    On point rant! I love my cobs, clays, meers, cherrywoods, my rosewood and my two The Pipe as much as my briars. Each has its purpose and place in my rotation.
    Thanks for a fun show.

  • Very good show. Pipe parts was interesting to me because of an interest in either the carver or the pipe. The first was an Alexander Hasty which you noted was a GKCPC Pipe of the year. Very nice. The third was a Scott Thile which is also a GKCPC Pipe of the Year. The fourth one was a Grant Batson Pipe of the Year for GKCPC. The last pipe was a magnificent Julius Vesz. Anytime you get a chance to pick up a Vesz Raindrop and you don’t do it you’ve lost your mind. Great pipes, Brian.

    I’ve had a few small conversations at the web site with him. He is a thoroughly delightful fellow. His knowledge about pipes is about right for a guy who has some serious pipes and smoking skills. His love of Virginia’s and VaPers came along sooner than mine did. But I eventually decided I liked them after 40 years of distaining them.

    You rant was spot on. People criticize others for their choices of pipes, scotch, tobacco, etc. have to get a life. I know they correctly fear their loss of manhood, but hey, that ship has already sailed. You enjoy what you’re doing and let the other guy do the same. It’s part of growing up. Try it you might like it. Two of the most misused words in the English language are “unique” and “best”.

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