Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 503

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Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 503

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 503! Our featured interview tonight is with Fred Janusek. He is a Doctor of Pipes, and professor of mathematics. Fred is in his early 80s, and he has been smoking a pipe since college in 1957. His first pipe was a very shellac-covered Yello Bole. This show will be the first installment of “Storytime with Fred Janusek”. These are some great stories back when pipes were everywhere, including men’s clothing stores.  At the top of the show, we will have an Ask the Tobacco Blender segment with Jeremy Reeves. Jeremy is the Head Blender at Cornell & Diehl, which is one of the most popular boutique pipe tobacco companies in the USA. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Fred Janusek
Fred Janusek

The Pipes Magazine Radio Show features interviews with pipe makers, tobacco blenders, pipe and tobacco aficionados, collectors, and more. Episodes air every Tuesday.

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We hope you enjoy our 1-hour show produced just for you—the pipe smoker and collector.

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3 Responses

  • “Crazy Train” Forever!
    I really enjoyed the visit with our friend Fred. He’s a great guy with a treasure trove of pipe lore. Fred started smoking a couple of years before me, but our stories are much the same, especially with respect to being nearly overwhelmed by the Iwan Ries catalogs of the 60s. I look forward to more “Storytime with Fred.”
    It’s a treat to hear a great tune from Phil Keaggy.
    Thanks for another always entertaining show. And, “Happy Trails.”

  • I really enjoyed this. Fred’s voice reminded me of my great grandpa who passed when I was 8. I don’t remember much about him, except for the sound of his voice and the smell of his pipe. I could listen to him for hours.

  • Very good show!! The Pipe Part didn’t do much for me. It was just another guy saying he had found a way of packing the perfect pipe. And, of course, he’s right if you are him. I’ve never put tinder on top and bottom of the fire, always on the bottom. And when I put a match to it “voila” smoke!!
    Really loved Fred’s stories. It had to have been great growing up in two metropolitan areas like New York and Chicago but that wouldn’t work for me. Looking forward to the next Storytime with Fred.
    Music was okay but the lyrics seemed to be kind of one dimensional (i.e. lacking).