Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 372

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 372! Our featured interview tonight is with Martin Romijn. Martin is a pipe and tamper maker in The Netherlands. He is a stonecutter by trade. After he got interested in pipe smoking (in 1989), he started making stone tampers and ashtrays, and then transitioned into pipes. All of his products are unique, custom, handmade. In Pipe Parts, Brian will provide tips for packing your pipe. Not how to pack it with tobacco, but packing it for travel, for three different kinds of trips. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Martin Romijn - Pipe and Tamper Maker
Martin Romijn – Pipe and Tamper Maker

Romijn Pipes and Tampers Website

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4 Responses

  • That was quite an interesting conversation with Martin. And, his pipes are quite nicely done. With respect to his backstory, I’m reminded of something Mr. Garcia said, “What a long strange trip it’s been.”
    Thanks for sharing one of my favorite Halloween “songs” with the listeners.
    As we Greeks say at birthday commemorations, “nah tah kahto-stee-ceess” or, may you have 100 years. [I](Hope the tobacco holds out, too.)[/I]

  • Very interesting interview with Martin. Back in October of 2013 in the KC newsletter I reprinted an article from Arno’s blog ( the Dutch Pipes Smoker) which had an extensive review of Martin’s work before he began carving pipes. Very interesting.
    The song by Karloff & Legosi was interesting providing we don’t ever hear them again.

  • Martin already had a talent, a gift for creating beautiful lines and shapes out of stone. Now he does the same with pipes, what he makes is truly unique.

  • Thanks Brian, first of all for the shout out about our little meeting in Amsterdam, I hope your wife was not bored by my stories! In short, my work distracted me from listening to podcasts.
    My apologies for the delay, I felt that I had to sign up and comment, now, because Martin was humble as always.
    He is a great guy, he did not mention ‘one favourite memory’ contentwise as he could have done.
    Martin arranges for a meeting for the Dutch speaking [URL=’https://www.pijprokersforum.nl/’]Pipesmokersforum[/URL], every year in fall. This year we celebrated the eleventh gettogether in a microbrewery that will tolerate our hobby. One treat is the barbecue, the other is a specially brewed beer only for the group of pipesmokers. Arno ([URL=’https://dutchpipesmoker.wordpress.com/’]The Dutch Pipesmoker[/URL]) designs the labels for the beers.
    Last year, Martin arranged for a specially blended tobacco by one of the German tobacco houses ([URL=’https://postimg.cc/qzsQ4Mwz’]Named X, for the tenth anniversary click here for picture of tobacco and beer[/URL]) to commemorate our meetings. Arno made a video about this years’ meeting over here: [URL=’https://dutchpipesmoker.wordpress.com/2019/11/03/hospitable-heukelum-2019/’]link[/URL].
    Formally, here, I’d like to thank Martin for all his efforts in keeping the hobby as vibrant as he has done so far!!!
    And thank you sir, Dr. of Pipes, for a lot of entertainment, pipe wisdom, pipe foolery and all your efforts towards the hobby and industy.