Tobacco Pipes – Weird, Unusual, Imaginative and Curious

On Friday, May 1 at The 2009 Chicagoland Int’l Pipe & Tobacciana Show, Dr. S. Peckus gave a 45-minute presentation entitled, "The Weird, Unusual, Imaginative and Curious Pipes".

The Program for Dr. Peckus’s talk read as follows; "Limitless imagination leads to limitless opportunities and creation of pipes that were never meant to be, but are. Human imagination has no boundaries and what one person sees as a piece of wood, a rock or convoluted deer antler, another person sees a pipe hiding in disguise. They willl maintain that a pipe was there all the time, you just had to knock off the superfluous bits. These pipes are one of a kind, created by a inquisitive few, to not necessarily look like pipes, did not even look as if they could be smoked, yet they were pipes and yes, they could be smoked and enjoyed.

On hand is a number of examples of such pipes and we will try to unravel their secrets and show their utility. One pipe in particular, besides being a piece of sculpture, is a complete smoker’s traveling companion. It’s a pipe and has compartments for extra tobacco and matches. Come, see this one and another bunch of weird creations. Some of these may be defined as folk art and some others as primitive art."


For your viewing convenience, we have split the presentation into 9 clips of 5 minutes each. We would like to thank the Chicago Pipe Collector’s Club for the exclusive rights of publishing their videos from the show.

Video 0

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Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

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