She Likes the Smell of a Pipe

Heather Webber, writer of The Nina Quinn Mystery Series likes the smell of a pipe. In the Cozy Chicks Blog, she writes, "I was coming out of a store yesterday, getting soaked from the pouring rain, when I caught a whiff of a tobacco pipe in the parking lot. I actually stopped, rain droplets coursing down my face, and just breathed in the smell. I love it."

She also says, "This isn’t to say I’m ready to take up smoking a pipe …"

I posted a comment to encourage her to give it a try. Feel free to do the same.

I commented:

You should try smoking a pipe Heather. You do not inhale like cigarettes and pipe tobacco doesn’t have all the nasty chemicals added to it like cigarette tobacco does.

If you want some pointers, let me know. I’d be glad to help. Writer Melissa Vivigatz smokes pipes and says, "Usually the urge comes about when I am writing, and especially editing, but kicking back awhile on my park bench under the willow tree or redwood in the backyard over morning/evening tea works too."

(By the way, the Melissa Vivigatz reference is from here:

You can see her full post and all the comments here:

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  • I find it hard to believe that nobody had anything to say on this article. Hey the lady adores the smell of a pipe !!!! That’s support we need. Thank you Ma’am!