Scotty’s Bulk Blends Milk & Honey – Pipe Tobacco Reviews

By Bob Tate


Scotty’s Bulk Blends are another brand of house blends from This blend is called Milk & Honey and is only available in bulk. I am not picking up on any discernable aromas from the pouch. It is just a sweet smelling Cavendish blend. The moisture level is just about perfect for smoking. However, a little drying time wouldn’t hurt. I filled the pipe using my two step packing method and proceeded to the charring light.

On the charring light I picked up on a very light hint of vanilla and then there was nothing else really there. There was no vanilla in the aroma, just a hint in the flavor. I settled in for the smoke hoping that this blend would get better tasting as I smoked.

Right from the start, there was really no flavor to this blend. It does have a generic sweet taste to it, but that is all. This was a one dimensional smoke. It had the same taste from start to finish. On the up side, it burned cool, didn’t bite, and didn’t get bitter. I would call this a working blend. It is a blend that requires no thought to smoke it and it would be an alright blend to smoke while cutting the lawn and other work when you don’t want to waste a good blend. But there are other blends that I would grab first before this one.

Overall, this blend is just OK to me. I will finish what I have, but I will probably not buy any more. I will admit that I am not a fan of blends that contain only Cavendish, so that is probably part of the reason that this blend just doesn’t do anything for me. But if you enjoy Cavendish blends, you might like this one. I Somewhat Recommend it.


Brand: Scotty’s Bulk Blends (
Blend: Milk & Honey
Description from their website: Another house favorite. Loaded with the finest black cavendish and a single malt highlight. Perfect for the cool night.
Country: US
Cure: Air Cured
Cut: Ribbon
Tobaccos: Cavendish, Black Cavendish
Packaging: Bulk
Strength: Mild
Taste: Sweet
Room Note: Pleasant

You can buy Scotty’s Milk & Honey by CLICKING HERE!

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