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By Bob Tate

Samuel Gawith Fire Dance Flake Pipe Tobacco Tin

I have smoked this blend from the tin and in bulk. The tin aroma and taste is a little bit stronger in the tin compared to the bulk. I would attribute this to the tins being vacuumed sealed soon after the tobacco is placed into it. The bulk is minimally different and is a very good smoke as well. The moisture in the tin is also higher than in the bulk and may require a bit of drying time before smoking.

The tin aroma is very pleasing with the blackberries being the predominate smell, followed by the brandy and the vanilla sitting way in the background. I love the smell of this tobacco!

For this review I have cut the flakes into small squares and fully rubbed it out and gravity filled the bowl. Upon the charring light, I am greeted by the sweet and slightly fruity smell of the tobacco. After the charring light, I fully light the pipe to settle into a relaxing smoke. The room note is very pleasant and it is one of the tobaccos that my wife actually enjoys being around when I smoke it. She is very picky about the room note of my tobaccos, so if she likes it, I’m sure almost anyone will!

The taste of the tobacco is very nice. As with the tin aroma, the blackberries are the predominate flavor and then the brandy. I don’t really detect any vanilla in the taste. I’m not sure if it is because it is used sparingly or if they blended it so well that the flavors intermingle very well with each other. The flavors sit on a very nice Virginia tobacco that offers its own sweetness and doesn’t get completely lost in the flavoring. As with most Virginia tobaccos, you have to respect it because if it is pushed too hard it will bite.

The finish is very nice with a slight sweetness and the tobacco burns into a nice light gray powdery ash. This is a high quality aromatic, not one of those all Cavendish blends that seem to have syrup poured on them. It leaves no goopy residue or mess behind in your pipe. However, it does leave behind a bit of a ghost. I would recommend trying it in a cob or clay first before smoking it in a briar.

According to most people I know who have smoked this blend, it seems to be a love it or hate it tobacco. But in my opinion, if you are a fan of aromatics or even someone who just likes the occasional change of pace aromatic, I recommend that you give Fire Dance Flake a try at least once. I love it and Highly Recommend it!

Samuel Gawith Fire Dance Flake Pipe Tobacco Samuel Gawith Fire Dance Flake Pipe Tobacco 01


Brand: Samuel Gawith
Blend: Fire Dance Flake
Description: Developed with one of the U.S.A.’s lady smokers, Fire Dance is Our Best Brown 6″ Flake subtly flavoured with a combination of Blackberry, Brandy and Vanilla. The smoke is a mild, cool experience with the Blackberry the predominant flavour, the Brandy in the background and rounded off with the Vanilla.
A mild and fruity smoke with the strength of Best Brown and a very pleasing room aroma.
Country: UK
Cut: Flake
Tobaccos: Virginia
Strength: Mild-Medium
Taste: Sweet, Slightly Fruity, Blackberry, Brandy
Room Note: Pleasant

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Samuel Gawith Fire Dance Flake – Click Here to Order Now!


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