The Biggest Little Pipe Show in New York

E. Roberts
Okay, okay, purists will argue that it’s technically in New Joisey. All the same, it retains the name of The New York Pipe Show, and though small—particularly in comparison to the big shows like Chicago, Vegas, or Kansas City—it’s a charmingly intimate affair that we in the northeast look forward to every year. For one, it means that spring has finally arrived (albeit right after a major snowstorm usually). Its small size also means that it’s not as overwhelming as the big shows—you can take it all in and appreciate it in a couple hours, take your time browsing, and really enjoy having a low-key chat with old pipe buddies.

"I once caught a fish this big." Russ Ouellette (L) & Brian Levine (R)

Brian Levine was there, representing Sutliff & Mac Baren. It’s always an … unquantifiable … pleasure to hang out with Brian.

Speaking of Russ, the Pipes & Cigars crew had some samples of the latest creations rolling off the production line. You heard it here first, folks: Firestorm is going to be a big hit. Touted as "Anniversary Kake on steroids", it’s a sweet & savory powerhouse with plenty of Perique & Dark Fired. I’ve got my order in—do you?

Yet another tobacco world Kevin, with Russ’s latest, greatest hit.

Despite the previous week’s blizzard, it was a sunny day and many new acquisitions were fired up at the smoking lounge. Bracing cold, but good times nonetheless.

The ‘smoking lounge’; not quite as cold as it looks. Well, ok, it was cold.

Hank Saatchi, aka ebuyer1932, modeling that "just flew in from L.A." look.

Steve Monjure making an offer I can’t refuse—Solani’s new Tropical Mango Flake! (I actually love it)

And let us not forget the pipes. The aforementioned storm kept a few regulars away, unfortunately (yes, you were truly missed Andy!), but plenty of stalwart souls made the trek to showcase their wares.

That’s the pipe you want, right there.

PipeTart’s table

Dennis Congos Charatan table

Premal Chheda and Smokers Haven representin’

A sea of meerschaums

 The ‘Wild Ones’ table

Simone Conigliaro’s pipe nests

Simone Conigliaro showing off two Amorelli pipes, for which he and Hank Saatchi are the U.S. representatives.
Drop him a line at to get yours!

The inimitable Skoda Pipes

Good friend Chris Keane working on a documentary project about Joe Skoda and his art.

Chris Keane, filmmaker.

The lifecycle of a pipe show purchase: 

1. Newcomers A&G Pipes from Cape May, NJ exhibit their wares.
2. A certain pipe catches a certain eye.
3. Said pipe is purchased and packed.
4. A new nosewarmer is added to the herd – find them at

Many, many thanks to all the exhibitors and attendees, and especially to show organizers Rich Esserman and Sam Barnett, without whom this show would cease to be. As a fan, a hobbyist, a collector and part of the community, it is appreciated deeply.

(Apologies if I missed you or, more likely, fouled up with my amateur photography and didn’t include you. I am clearly the world’s worst roving reporter. –ed.)

11 Responses

  • Great writeup, and the pix worked fine for me. I even see you shot Premal’s table before I made off with his Michael Parks.

  • I see a few forum members in the photos. I always enjoy this show, it’s well worth the 7 hours in the car to and from the event.

  • Thanks for the comment Bill, I missed seeing all of you guys as well. Especially being almost 5 months since the last show I attended in Vegas. Winter has been hell up here in Maine. Great photos of the event and makes me miss the get together even more. Hopefully you found some 40 year old Escudo to rekindle the old days of fine leaf. Looks like the show was well attended as I can see many familiar faces in the background of your photos. Thanks much for the review, hope to see you in the near future. Andy

  • @ doc: I don’t blame you one bit, Andy; the weather this season has been downright iniquitous. Attendance was a wee bit down from last year–which seemed to be at an all-time high, remember–so it was still a busy show when measured against the longer term.
    @ ssjones: Hey Al! There were indeed many representatives of the PipesMagazine forums in attendance! I planned on including more photos, but the photographer I hired was all thumbs. Kevin was thankfully able to salvage a few of the shots.
    @ shaintiques: The meer fellow got set up a little on the late side–I heard he had some car / traffic trouble.

  • Oh, and @ lestrout: Curses! You have an uncanny knack for repeatedly snagging the pipe I want–ten minutes before I even know I want it! ::shakes fist::