Exclusive: New G. L. Pease JackKnife Ready Rubbed to be Released end-Oct

By Kevin Godbee
JackKnife ReadyRubbed Tobacco from G.L. Pease Exclusive: New G. L. Pease JackKnife Ready Rubbed

When G.L. Pease’s JackKnife Plug came out in January it was a runaway hit. However, in today’s world, you can’t always carry a knife around with you in order to slice tobacco off a hard chunk, or sometimes you don’t want to be bothered and just want to load your pipe and smoke. Now you can enjoy JackKnife Ready Rubbed which will be shipping at month-end. It’s the same recipe as the plug-form, but then the plugs are sliced and tumbled using the same production techniques as used for the Old London series.

In an email, Pease states; "People love JackKnife, but a few have told me they’re afraid of them, or just don’t want to deal with the plugs. With the ready rubbed version, all they’ll have to do is open the tin, fill their pipe, and enjoy a great, full-bodied smoke."

A couple of questions immediately came to mind, so we gave Mr. Pease a ring to find out more.

Here’s our Q&A on the new JackKnife ReadyRubbed:

Q: Can one expect that the ready rubbed version will age differently than the plug, and if so, why?

A: Great question. Yes, they’ll age differently, but how much is left to be seen. The plug will go through more anaerobic fermentation while it’s still in block form. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s quite dramatic. The ready-rubbed will age more like a typical ribbon cut. Of course, it’s caked first, so there’s some fermentation happening before it’s cut. It’s going to be exciting to see how they develop side-by-side. (I suppose I’m easily excited.)

Q: Again, comparing the two versions, will they deliver the exact same, or similar smoking experience when both are fresh out of the tin?

A: When they’re first produced, they’ll be close to identical; the ready-rubbed will taste just like the plug cut and rubbed out. The blend is identical, so in the beginning, they’re the same thing. It’ll take a couple months before any difference starts to show.

We can’t wait until the new JackKnife ReadyRubbed comes out in two weeks. It is an extremely flavorful blend, which you can read more about here – G. L. Pease JackKnife Plug Tobacco Review

15 Responses

  • Very excited to see this come out! The plug is awesome but I have issues with strength in my hands and arms so this will be great for me!

  • Very pleased by this. I really enjoyed this blend, but found that dealing with the plug didn’t entertain me much. In a ready rubbed form, I will certainly be buying this.

  • Thanks for the feedback, guys. It’s going to be a couple weeks, but I’m excited about releasing this one. A lot of guys told me they enjoyed the plug, but found the preparation a little annoying sometimes, so this seemed to be a good solution. I also think the novelty might have worn off a little, at least for some, though JKP does continue to be quite popular.
    Depending on the response, I might do the same thing with Triple Play.

  • Likes this idea…….I love the plug……but it is kind of limiting on were I smoke it…..kind of an at home blends……..but the ready rub will allow it to go anywhere with me.

  • Now THAT’s a great idea Greg! It’s gonna be good I’m sure. I just love the balls that the plug has. Looking forward to the same strength in reddi-rubbed. Hey have you considered an 8oz. slab of JackKnife Plug? That’d be awesome!!

  • Ah! The slab-o-JackKnife. I have considered it, actually. Not so much a big slab, but a longer bar. Why stop at 8oz? Why not a pound bar, or a kilo? Maybe a baseball bat sized Triple Play! 😉

  • Greg, bars may be tricky packaging unless it’s done in bulk? Ya might have to go to an odd size tin. Whereas bars may be able to be vacuum packed. I’m not sure how all that works but I have recieved vacuum packed 8oz slab from Pipes and Cigars one time,(Lakeland Brickle), and that gave me loads of storage options to my convenience. It arrived in my mailbox in a manilla type envelope. I imagine that it would beat the cost of tins. But hey, You’s da boss!

  • I have become attached to my jack knife and my plug, and I’m a big fan of anaerobic fermentation, so I plan to stick with the plug. I love the ritual of slicing and dicing into a cube cut.
    Besides, I’ve got lots of plug inthe cellar, and my wife will have a fit if I have another bout of TAD this month.

  • JackKnife Ready Rubbed is now shipping and should start arriving at retailers as early as tomorrow, November 3.

  • Greg, I am a huge fan of JKP. I know some friends who felt the annoyance w/ dealing with the plug and will be very happy when I tell them about JKRR. However, I do hope that the plan is to keep JKP available forever. I wouldn’t want to see JKRR replace the plug.

  • No worries, Undecagon. The ReadyRubbed version joins the plug in the lineup; it does not replace it. As long as the plug continues to sell, it will remain part of the catalogue.