Pipe Artisan Tom Eltang Launches Tobacco Line with Cornell & Diehl

World Renowned Artisan Pipe Maker Tom Eltang Celebrates 40-Years as a Pipe Maker with the Launch of His Own Pipe Tobacco Line-Up

Today, September 17, 2014 is Danish pipe artisan Tom Eltang’s 40th year as a pipe maker. He is throwing a big party in Denmark to commemorate his anniversary. He is also celebrating the launch of his new pipe tobacco line, simply named; "Tom Eltang Tobacco".

Interestingly enough, two of the largest pipe tobacco factories are located in Denmark, but the famous Danish pipe maker is having his tobacco made in the USA, by Cornell & Diehl in North Carolina.

When asked why, Eltang remarked; "I had to wait until my friend bought a tobacco factory before I could have my tobacco made!"

Tom Eltang and Sykes Wilford are good friends. Sykes visits Denmark every year, and the two of them always spend considerable time together. Sykes is the founder of SmokingPipes.com. The parent company of the dominant online retailer, Laudisi Enterprises, merged with tobacco maker Cornell & Diehl effective January 1st of this year.

Mr. Eltang also made news earlier this year when he became part owner of The Danish Pipe Shop. Ironically, his new tobacco will not be immediately available there. Ted Swearingen, Chief Operating Officer of Laudisi Enterprises advises; “The plan is to get the Tom Eltang blends into The Danish Pipe Shop eventually. There are still some logistical challenges to sort out before that can happen, however.”

Talking to Mr. Swearingen via telephone, he advised that this new line of four blends is an "everyman tobacco"—for the person looking for a pipe tobacco that they can smoke all day.

The blends have already shipped nationally within the USA and should arrive at local and online retailers today, or within the next few days.

The four blends are named and described as follows:


The natural sweetness and appealing fragrance of red and bright Virginias take the center stage of this beautiful, ribbon-cut blend, with a touch of Burley added to enhance a cool smoking experience.


A delicious broken flake featuring a classic pairing of red and bright Virginias, with the addition of a mellow flavored, cool smoking dark Burley, and flavor-brightening Perique.


Featuring an impeccable balance of red and bright Virginias, exotic Latakia, and a dash of Katerini, Eltang English is a mild, highly nuanced smoke, crafted to become a most favored all-day blend.

Sweet & Mellow

Featuring an exquisite trio of light and dark Cavendish, and just the right hint of chocolate, this blend is an all-day aromatic that delivers on flavor as much as it delights in fragrance.

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  • To my way of thinking, this is new release is quite refreshing. In the past, as often as not, when a famous carver’s marque appeared on a tobacco, his involvement pretty much began and ended with his name appearing on the tin. The concept was Tom’s, he was very heavily involved in both the broad tobaccos selection for each blend, as well as the subsequent tweaking, reformulation, and re-tweaking.
    Sykes just posted a pretty cool, blow-by-blow of the project. Perhaps some will find it of interest: http://www.smokingpipes.com/smokingpipesblog/single.cfm/post/eltang-tobaccos-years-the-making