New Balkan Sobranie Pipe Tobacco

Source: Official Press Release

The legendary Balkan Sobranie Original Smoking Mixture has now been reintroduced by Arango Cigar Co. The brand was originally produced by Sobranie of London in 1920, and became a top-selling brand worldwide. But, it disappeared in 1998, when Gallaher Group Plc, withdrew its tobacco products from the US market in order to avoid potential liability from class action and other lawsuits.

J. F. Germain & Son, Ltd., has obtained the recipe and is manufacturing the brand, in their factory on the Channel Isle of Jersey, Great Britain. Arango Cigar Co. is now the exclusive distributor for Sobranie Original Smoking Mixture in the United States.

Sobranie Original Smoking Mixture was the product of the Sobranie company, founded by a Russian family in 1879, making it one of the world’s oldest tobacco companies. The English mixture’s Virginia tobaccos mellow the latakia, while oriental and Cavendish leaves add balance and a "round" flavor. Smokers delighted in its medium-to-robust body, incense-like aroma, and satisfying taste.

The mixture disappeared from retailers’ shelves, to the disappointment of English-blend smokers worldwide. Now, J. F. Germain & Son, the venerable tobacco blending house, has revived the authentic recipe. It is available in 50-gram (1.76 oz.) tins, with a manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing in the $12.00 range.

According to Michael Gold, Arango’s president, "J. F. Germain is the perfect choice to recreate this time-honored mixture. We became acquainted with them, when we acquired the Butera Tobacco Company’s inventory and distribution rights of Germain. They continue to make several of Butera’s finest mixtures for us, including the well-respected Esoterica. So, we know their reputation for selecting and blending tobaccos of the highest quality and standards. I know smokers will respond positively to the reintroduction of Balkan Sobranie Original Smoking Mixture, and that the blend’s iconic white can will again top the list of many pipe smokers’ favorites."

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  • It’ll be interesting to see this come alive once again and see if it holds true to the original blend. The biggest thing now is for them to catch up to the demand. With sales making this out of stock within 30 minutes of launch, I’m sure they will see many more sales.

  • As far as I can tell after having smoked and researched this blend, I found no reference to Cavendish tobacco. May I ask the origin of this description?

  • Interesting info. I’d love to see an article that explains who makes what in the world of tobacco. I recently read that Altadis makes the Hearth & Home tobaccos, except for the Marquee Series, which is made by C&D. It sure would be nice to have a chart or list showing all these relationships.

  • @Bruno – If you notice at the very top of the article, it reads – “Source: Official Press Release”.
    I will ask them if that was a mistake though.

  • Thanks Kevin, I’d appreciate that. Please let us know the result of your inquiry here.

  • I wonder if that’s why Smoker’s Haven hasn’t been able to get Our Best Blend and Exotique? Germain is channeling it’s efforts into the reissues.

  • Huh. Once this is “back”, what will the old-timers complain about? 😉 Probably will move on to griping about how Bell’s 3 Nuns isn’t what it used to be.

  • I am looking foreard to a review – I have tried Balkan Sobranie back in the day – but memory does not serve me on this one. Germain and Son make wonderful blends – so it can’t be all that bad – maybe not as good as the original.

  • The good news is that Germain & Son is making the new BS. The bad news is that Germain & Son is making the new BS! IMHO Germain is an excellent blender, but since they can’t keep up with demand of Stonehaven and Penzance, one can only wonder how they will be able to meet demand. Don’t be surprised to find this blend as difficult to obtain as the last incarnation of BS. At least it won’t be as expensive.

  • Mike Gold from Arango supplied this information, from Robert Germain & Son.

    Robert checked the original recipe documentation for the mixture and advises that it did contain a small amount of Cavendish, the main ingredients being Latakia and Oriental leaves.

    Mike added that when they were selling the mixture in the 1980s, it also included Cavendish.

  • Hi, please tell how to purchase a tin of this new Balken sobranie ?. The makers in jersey refuse to sell a tin.JK.