Exclusive Spy Photo of New G. L. Pease JackKnife Plug

It was revealed 5-days ago on the G. L. Pease website that the new blend that has been shrouded in mystery over the last month or so will be JackKnife Plug.

But it is only here on PipesMagazine.com, through the efforts of our spy cameras that you can see what the tin packaging will actually look like before it is officially released.

Update Jan 10, 2011: Here is our review of JackKnife Plug

Mr. Pease, in his all-too-justified-paranoia, even stated; "I scanned my lab for hidden cameras and checked my phone for bugs, and found nothing.", but what he forgot is that he isn’t the only martini-sipping, suave, sophisticated and extremely dangerous to both sexes, super secret agent. We here at PipesMagazine.com have our ways and we will bring the news to our readers even if we have to take matters into our own hands.

We suspect that JackKnife Plug will be a huge hit for several reasons. 1) It is unique in form. You can smoke it in three different forms of your choosing; sliced, sliced and rubbed out, and cube-cut. 2) It packs a punch. According to Pease; "JackKnife Plug isn’t a casual smoke, at least for me. There’s enough strength in those blocks to deserve serious respect."  and 3) "But, the taste and aroma are fantastic."

JackKnife Plug has a special appeal because it is a macho tobacco. And not only because it packs a punch. In its traditional Plug form, it requires that you cut it with a knife. Knives have their own masculine allure and that just adds to the manliness of smoking a pipe when you take out your knife and cut off a piece of potent tobacco from a larger chunk. It adds a ruggedness to the pipe smoking ritual that emanates mystery and adventure, almost transporting you into an Indiana Jones movie. Who knows? After you cut off a slice of tobacco, you may need your knife to ward off a poisonous snake or some evil villain. I’m glad I now have a new reason to carry a sharp knife with me along with my pipes and G.L. Pease JackKnife Tobacco.

So, without further adieu, here is our super-secret spy photo of the new G. L. Pease JackKnife Plug. It is in B&W as that is all our spy camera can capture at the moment.

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