Admiral’s Choice Tobacco Exclusively Available at P& Now received a letter today from The Sutliff Tobacco Company as follows.

As many of you are aware CVS has parted ways with the tobacco industry and for many years our brand, Admiral’s Choice has been solely sold through CVS with great success; however we would like to announce that will now be the sole internet retailer of the Admiral’s Choice Brand.

Pipes and Cigars provide superior customer service along with the being a major leading internet retail stop for all tobacco needs. It is our hope that you will contact them for Admiral’s Choice Pipe Tobacco.

Pipes and Cigars can be reached via the web at or 1-800-494-9144

1 Response

  • Thanks for sharing that info, I never smoked Admirals Choice, and didn’t know it was made by Sutliff, It’s good to know that Admirals Choice comes from a reputable company such as Sutliff and that they are making it available through PipesandCigars. One merchants loss is another merchants gain.