Vanessa is Sensuously Smoking a H.I.S Pipe

This is Vanessa’s 3rd appearance here at We love that she has the greatest, shiniest, silkiest, longest black hair ever. Vanessa’s exotic looks come from her Peruvian descent. She currently resides in Sarasota, Florida where she enjoys the tropical weather and the beach. Her stepfather is artisan pipe maker, Zack Hamric, which is how she came to our attention. Zack is a participating member in the community forums on under the screen name of zack24. He posted photos of his vacation in Italy last summer, which included photos of his lovely wife, Greta, and stepdaughter, Vanessa smoking pipes. It turns out that Vanessa is an actual, albeit, occasional pipe smoker. She didn’t need any coaching whatsoever. The tobacco isn’t the only thing sizzling in this photo shoot. She is smoking a H.I.S. pipe. H.I.S. stands for Hugo International Series, and they are a line made by Gardesana in Italy. Photos by Barry Lively or B. Lively Images

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