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Pipe Babe Gabrielle Smokes a Dunhill Cumberland

Gabrielle made her debut on PipesMagazine.com in 2012. This is her 8th appearance as a Pipe Babe since then. In this shoot she is smoking Kevin Godbee’s 2002 Dunhill Cumberland shape (4202), which is a half bent billiard with saddle bit. The tobacco is My Own Blend, which was custom hand-blended to Kevin’s taste, at the Orlik Factory in Denmark during his visit there in July 2010.

The shoot was done at Ruby’s Elixir, which is a great Jazz & Blues club in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. Ruby’s is attached to Central Cigars, a full liquor and cigar bar with several name brand cigars and their own house blends as well. Smoking is permitted not only in the cigar lounge, but in the jazz club as well.

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  • July 16, 2014
It's wonderful to see Gabrielle return to grace the screens of PM*com. A sense of progression in her style and poise is palpable.
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