Carmen in a Little Black Dress Smoking 7 Seas Royal

Carmen’s essentials for a lady’s night on the town include a little black dress, accessorized with Mac Baren 7 Seas Royal pipe tobacco. 7 Seas Royal is an aromatic blend of Burley, Black Cavendish, and Virginia tobaccos that is a soft and exceptionally mellow smoke with a delightful, aromatic taste. Carmen’s pipe is a Lorenzette Black Matte Pipe No. 62 with Silver Ring.

This photo shoot is sponsored by the Mac Baren Tobacco Company and 7 Seas Royal Tobacco.

Carmen in a Little Black Dress Smoking 7 Seas Royal – CLICK HERE FOR FULL GALLERY

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3 Responses

  • Another outstanding photo shoot Kevin.
    Beautiful! And the girl ain’t bad either.
    Yes gentlemen there is a young lady in those photographs.

  • Beautiful woman, beautiful pipe, great photography. Nicely done! Carmen has a heck of a smile.

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