Newminster Pipe Tobacco Debuts from Villiger

Kevin Godbee
Last month, Pipes Magazine broke the news
of the change in distribution of the Peter Stokkebye Pipe Tobacco line. Now, we have breaking news on how Villiger-Stokkebye, (now Villiger Cigars North America) will fill the void in their pipe tobacco offerings. Villiger, today announced the introduction of the Newminster line of bulk pipe tobaccos. You often hear of new pipe tobacco blends as individual additions being added to existing product portfolios, but this is the first large-scale entire new range of boutique pipe tobaccos introduced in years.

In the works for 9-months, the Newminster blends were developed jointly between Villiger and The Mac Baren Tobacco Company. They will be produced at the Mac Baren factory, with U.S. retailers being serviced via Villiger’s North American operations in Charlotte, North Carolina. The current Villiger 1888 blends will remain available, and will continue to be produced at the STG (formerly Orlik) factory.

Newminster is shipping now, and should start arriving in stores next week. We will have reviews published on Pipes Magazine in the coming month.

There are several Cavendish, Aromatics, and English blends in the offering. A few of the new blends include; 

No.1 All Natural
Tobacco selection

A Cavendish blend consisting of quality mild flue-cured Virginia tobaccos from South America.
Tobacco cut
Straight Cavendish cut.
Tobacco Flavor/Aroma
The natural mildness and a light, sweet aroma is what makes this blend exceptional.
Blends well with No.9R Rich Vanilla, or enjoyable on its own.

No.9R Rich Vanilla
Tobacco selection

High grade Brazilian flue-cured tobaccos are the base of this blend. Gently transformed into a loose and mild Cavendish.
Tobacco cut
Cavendish and loose cut.
Tobacco Flavor/Aroma
The sweetness of the Cavendish tobacco together with the vanilla flavour gives a delightful mild, sweet vanilla smoke.
Can be smoked on its own or blended with No.24.

No.24 Imperial Nougat
Tobacco selection
Blended of high grade Virginia and Burley tobaccos from Africa. To assure extra mildness a light Cavendish has been added as well.
Tobacco cut
Cavendish and loose cut.
Tobacco Flavor/Aroma
Vanilla and chocolate flavours are in front in this unique blend. Both adding to the taste and the smoking characteristics.
Enjoy No.24 on its own. Truly a delightful smoking experience.

No.17 English Luxus
Tobacco selection

A classic English mixture. A mixture developed from Flue-cured African Virginias, Black Cavendish, Mexican Burleys and Cyprus Latakia.
Tobacco cut
Medium Cavendish and loose cut.
Tobacco Flavor/Aroma
Non-aromatic, with a smoky taste that English smokers fancy.

No.52 Ultimate English
Tobacco selection

The blend we make with the most Latakia gives smokiness to the taste and combined with some excellent Virginias from USA and the finest Oriental out of Turkey makes this a very satisfying smoke.
Tobacco cut
Loose cut.
Tobacco Flavor/Aroma
This true English/Balkan blend adds many natural flavours to the taste. Full-bodied.

Newminster Pipe Tobacco

Other blends include:

  • No.3 Very Cherry
  • No.6 Vanilla Delight
  • No.23 Blackberry Brandy
  • No.9 Creamy Vanilla
  • No.31 Optimal Choice
  • No.48 Danish Gold
  • No.35 French Champagne
  • No.47 Danish Black
  • No.80 Norway Pipe Cut
  • No.81 Denmark Pipe Cut
  • No.84 Oriental Pipe Cut
  • No.403 Superior Round Sliced
  • No.201 Straight Black
  • No.701 Straight Virginia
  • No.303 Creamy Peaches
  • No.306 English Orient

Download the PDF with all of the Newminster Descriptions

Newminster is shipping to retailers now, and Pipes Magazine will have reviews starting next month. Following is the letter sent to retailers today.


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12 Responses

  • Thanks for the informative information. As you stated, It is refreshing to see a company introduce a new line of tobacco aimed at the pipe smoker. It’s about time.

  • Interesting. It seems the numbering and naming system is similar to the old Stokkebye Signature line. What concerns me is the absence of #2 Whiskey and #38 Highland Whiskey. I really hope they don’t discontinue the whiskey flavored blends. Stokkebye makes, IMHO, the absolute best whiskey flavor out there. Wonderful aroma and great flavor. Really excellent when blended with BCA.
    I’m stocking up, just in case.

  • Thanks for nailing this story; and especially for providing the back-link to an earlier article:
    Which contains the reassuring news: “Starting April 1, 2012, Lane Limited of Tucker, GA will be the new U.S. distributor for Stokkebye tobaccos, as well as most of the other brands formerly distributed by Villiger-Stokkebye. These include: Orlik, W.Ø. Larsen, Stanwell, Erinmore, Escudo, Balkan Sasieni, Skandinavik, Sail Tobaccos, and Troost Tobaccos.”

  • Suh-weet! Looking forward to this new line! As yohanan said, it’s nice for a manufacturer introduce a new line with us pipe smokers in mind. Thanks Villger for making my PAD even worse!

  • I had the pleasure of sitting next to the Westminster rep at the Chicago Pipe Show this past weekend. I wanted to note that the most popular tobacco on his table was Superior Flake. It’s a VaPer. I got the chance to smoke it today and wow! I haven’t been this excited about a new tobacco in quite some time. I’m eagerly awaiting it’s availability. Just make sure to save me some when it hits to stores.

  • My take is identical to Wayne Teipen’s (above). Superior Navy Flake is really incredible. Reminds me just a bit of Bjarne’s Flake deLuxe. if the next few bowls hold up as well, I’m gonna say it’s better!

  • Nice website. Got a sample of #403 Sup. Round Slice. Can I buy this on line?

  • I highly recommend all the English blends. I’m a newbie, but know what i like and have tried 30sum flavors of tobacco. Newminster English Oriental takes the blue ribbon in my opinion. It’s my favorite. Nicotine count is huge though so watch out:) Love this stuff. I see a pound at my doorstep in the very near future!!! I have 5 Newminster blends in my stash and all are Great smoke!!!