Davidoff Madison Avenue – In a Class All It’s Own

Davidoff is known as one of the most prestigious suppliers of luxury merchandise such as Jewelry, Colognes, Writing Instruments, Leather Goods … and of course – Luxury Tobacco Products. Davidoff’s tagline is, "The Good Life", and isn’t that what enjoying luxury tobacco products is about?

As far back as the early 1900’s, the Davidoff family became known as experts in blending tobaccos from the Orient.

Zino Davidoff’s leitmotif "Smoke less, but better and longer – make a cult, a philosophy of it!" was not formulated by chance. Tobacco, and only the finest, accompanied him virtually from the cradle.

Already his father Hillel and with him his entire family were genuine "Harmandgis", or specialists in the craft of selecting, cutting and blending noble oriental tobaccos.

Zino Davidoff was born on March 11th 1906 in Kiev, but with his family he was forced to leave Ukraina as a small child, in 1911. An extremely arduous three-month journey finally led the family to Geneva, where Henri Davidoff opened a tobacco shop on the Boulevard des Philosophes in the same year. Henri taught his son to create tobacco blends for cigarettes and pipes at a very early age.

Today, there are 53 Flagship Stores worldwide. PipesMagazine.com visited the Manhattan location at 54th & Madison. Here is the video of our visit to Davidoff on Madison Ave.



Davidoff Flagship Stores

Davidoff tobacco products are sold worldwide through a selective distribution system. The Davidoff Flagship Stores have a special position among the carefully selected trading partners who guarantee the quality of the products.

The 53 Davidoff Flagship Stores are designed according to a uniform concept and offer the entire Davidoff product range of tobacco goods and smokers’ accessories. These shops are all ideally located and are distinguished by quality, competence and an elegant atmosphere.

In addition, around 500 Davidoff appointed merchants carry the entire Davidoff tobacco range including accessories. They must also meet specific location and shop furnishing criteria. Davidoff cigars are available in first-class hotels and restaurants and in the duty-free trade.

Europe: Geneva, Amsterdam, Andorra La Vella, Basel, Berlin, Brussels (2), Bucharest, Copenhagen, Dresden, Duesseldorf, Gothenburg, Kiev, London, Monaco, Moscow (3), Oslo, Paris, Stockholm, Zurich, Zurich Airport

Asia: Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong (4), Kuala Lumpur (3), Osaka, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo (3)

Middle East: Muscat

North and South America: Buenos Aires (2), Las Vegas (4), Mexico, New York (2), Panama, Sao Paulo, St. Marti

Tobacco products: Cigars, cigarettes, cigarillos, pipe tobaccos

Smokers’ accessories: Humidors, cigar cutters, lighters & matches, ashtrays, cigar cases, accessories for cigarillos, pipes & accessories for tobacco and pipes

Own brands

The Griffin’s
Private Stock
Zino Platinum
Winston Churchill (Licensed)

Here are the photos from Davidoff in Manhattan:

Davidoff of Geneva
535 Madison Ave (corner of 54th & Madison)
New York, NY 10022

Davidoff – Madison Avenue Website




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6 Responses

  • Great video and Photos Kevin!
    They have a very large assortment of pipes and pipe tobacco.
    Anyone who lives near there should go and check them out!
    I would if I lived closer!

  • This classy video provided a nice little visit to yet another exclusive pipe shop with a rich heritage. Thanks Kevin, great production values.

  • Love the video. Davidoff has a beautiful shop. I only wish that Kevin had chosen a classier wardrobe, blue jeans and a loose polo in that kind of store? I don’t know.

  • I’m glad you enjoyed the video Louis. In retrospect, I wish I did wear a jacket for that one. I’ve been down in Florida too long where it is much more casual.
    However, the shirt is actually a high-end casual silk Nat Nast shirt that cost about $150.
    Here are some well-known people that wear Nat Nast Shirts:
    Jeff Bridges
    Bill Clinton
    Larry David
    James Gandolfini
    Jon Hamm
    Neville Brothers
    Matthew Perry
    Robert Plant
    Kurt Russell
    Charlie Sheen
    Watch the credits at the end for my wardrobe credit.
    But yeah … I would have looked better in a jacket and tie standing next to Robert and smoking my Dunhill.

  • Well you still had your Dunhill! So you are forgiven. 🙂
    So where is your next video adventure will take you?
    I can’t wait!

  • Nice video Kevin. I just posted on the magazine’s blog a story about my visit to Dunhill’s of London in London. I think I had on a $50 Polo, and they were very rude. They did clean my Dunhill lighter, but I found the service man on the 4th or 5th floor by accident. In 2001 when I visited Davidoff’s in Geneva,I was dressed similarly and received great care. I can’t recall if I had a Dunhill pipe in my mouth, or not.