New Book: Scandinavian Pipemakers by Jan Andersson

Kevin Godbee

Pipe smoking is a big deal in Denmark. The Danes have the highest per capita population of pipe smokers in the world. So it seems fitting that the Scandinavian region would also produce some of the most famous pipe makers in the world. If you really want to be knowledgeable about the past, present and future of pipes, then you must be informed about the 50+ pipe makers from Denmark, Sweden & Norway. There are not many books published for the pipe enthusiast. Of the small amount, in and out of print, just a few have chapters on Scandinavian pipe makers. Now we have a brand new, complete book about them.
Scandinavian Pipemakers” by Jan Andersson is a hardcover 340-page book, with 400 color illustrations, now available from Briar Books Press for $60.

Gary B. Schrier, Owner of Briar Books Press, tells Pipes Magazine; “The history of modern Scandinavian pipe-making started in Denmark in the middle of the last century. The evolution since has been amazing and is something of a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. Andersson has had the privilege to follow this evolution for several decades and has met most of the pipemakers involved in it. In this extensively illustrated book, he masterfully weaves the stories of more than 50 pipemakers, some old and experienced, others quite new to the trade. From Jess Chonowitsch to Tom Eltang to the Ivarsson Family to Kent Rasmussen, Andersson tells the story of each craftsman knowingly and with great admiration. Jan has effectively catalogued the modern-day history of a movement of pipemakers from a distinct geography that which has contributed so much to the well-being of pipemen everywhere good taste prevails, be he a collector or, indeed, of that rarefied breed today known quaintly as the pipe-smoker. With Andersson’s colorful portrayal of these lone craftsmen, their enthusiasm and creativity is indicative that the evolution of exquisite Scandinavian pipe-making may yet carry forward on to the next century.” (N.B. The book is hardcover, A4-size, 340 pp., coated stock, 400 color illustrations, shipping weight 4 lbs. 7 ozs., price $60, visit for shipping cost to your destination, USA or foreign.)


The Author, Jan Andersson at Book Signing

Here’s a look inside the book – click for larger images –

Scandinavian Pipemakers is a must-read, and a must-have coffee table book for all pipe aficionados. Order here.

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  • Fantastic book. A must have for pipesmokers and you have to respect the imense work effort that Jan (Author) have putten in to this book. 2-3 years of coffee meetings with all the pipemakers.

  • I’m looking forward to owning this book and spending countless hours learning about these pipe makers and admiring their craftsmanship. I especially like the way Andersson organized the pipe makers by region as it has the potential to reveal various influences. It looks like a “must buy” for any pipe smoker.

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