“Ask G. L. Pease” Debuts on PipesMagazine.com

PipesMagazine.com is delighted to announce the upcoming debut of their new Q&A feature with renowned tobacco blender, G. L. Pease.

Pease has penned a regular monthly column for PipesMagazine.com entitled; "Out of the Ashes" since July 2010. He will continue to author "Out of the Ashes" along with the new "Ask G. L. Pease" feature. New articles in Out of the Ashes will appear at the beginning of each month, and Ask G. L. Pease will be published mid-month.

With over thirty years of experience, G. L. Pease knows a thing or two about pipes, tobacco, smoking, and deriving pleasure from our beloved pastime. He may not have all the answers, but if he doesn’t, he probably knows where to find them.

If you have questions you’ve been wanting to ask, now is your chance. Every month, those questions that are likely to be of greatest general interest will be answered in our newest feature, "Ask G.L. Pease."

We invite you to submit your questions by using the form below.

Please note that the questions DO NOT need to be specific to G. L. Pease tobaccos. We are getting many GLP specific questions, but we also need general questions about tobaccos and pipes as well, please.


6 Responses

  • Please possibly tell us what it is that makes some tobaccos form overseas taste soapy and or floral. No U.S, blends that I’ve smoked tastes anything near like those from overseas.
    Don’t you ever please, do anything to your blends to make that happen!

  • hi greg, first i want to thank you for your contribution to the pipe smoking community. i would say that 65% of the tins i am cellaring are glp tins. my question is will the new plug tobaccos age better than broken up tobacco? thanks, ken

  • Hi – I am trying to determine which of the three blenders involved in the Balkan Sobranie clone contest held at our CPCC show two weeks ago, created sample Z? Since it is the only sample out of the three I was able to obtain from a friend, it is the only one I have smoked. But it is very good and I would like to know who created it so I can order more. Can you please help me?

  • I have been a big fan of Greg Pease’s for many years and look forward to this new column.
    Right now I am writing, however, to answer vinny799’s question about a soapy or floral taste in some pipe tobaccos.
    It occurs when the blender adds Essence of Rose Oil to the Virginias. The most popular blend over the years with this aftertaste is Condor.
    I used to hate it, especially if I bought a used pipe that had the soapy aftertaste from someone else’s previously smoked tobacco. So I was determined to find out what caused this, and I interviewed blenders in Europe, and they told me about the Rose Oil.
    The interesting thing is that over the years I have actually developed a taste for it, but only occasionally. I have some aged Condor, with Latakia that I added, and I smoke one bowl usually on a weekend once every month or two just for the sake of variety.

  • This column should be one of the most interesting you have put together for the magazine. It has the potential to really educate, and simply satisfy the curiosity of, the pipe community. Knowledge is never a bad thing. Thank you Greg Pease for taking on this task.