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Peterson Elizabethan Mixture Tobacco Review

If current events have shown anything about humanity, it’s about our attitude. Sometimes it’s admirable and resilient other times it’s cringey and embarrassing. My attitude has struggled through simple activities like mustering the motivation to take out the trash, and so choosing a tobacco that I’ve had problems within the past would either prove a problem for writing a review, or challenge my ability to open my mind as well as my taste buds. I was not looking forward to this review, but that’s the last I’ll speak of it in that way—reading the words of a grown man bitching and complaining wouldn’t be my idea of time well-spent, either.

Radio Talk Show

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 437

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 437! Our featured interview tonight is with our very own tobacco reviewer, Kyle Weiss. Kyle worked at Tinder Box for several years, which gave him the benefit of being able to try out tons of different tobaccos. He has an amazing palate and was also in the culinary industry as a sous chef. He has been writing tobacco reviews for PipesMagazine.com for over four years. His first review on the site was published in April 2016. Kyle has penned 57 reviews for us so far. He was originally recommended by tobacco blender, Greg Pease.  At the top of the show, for our pipe parts segment, we have “Ask the Pipe Maker” with Jeff Gracik.  Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

Pipe News

Holiday Shopping Guide and Product Round Up

Since we didn’t have IPCPR (Now the PCA) this year as a tradeshow I didn’t get a chance to go sit down and interview all the people in the pipe industry to bring you the latest news and information.  But, I have managed to reach out to a few people before the holiday season and try to get a summation of new products, holiday sales, and interesting deals available just in time for Christmas, etc.  

Note: Keep checking back as this post will be updated as more deals pop-up. 

Laudisi, Smoking Pipes

Now that Laudisi is in full swing over Peterson we’re seeing the seasonal pipes and plenty of them.

The Pipe Pundit

New Pipe Year Resolutions

A new year and a brand new canvas! Thank goodness. It is time to move on and look toward a brighter time.

And with that, how about some New Pipe Year Resolutions straight from the Pundit Resolute Desk!

Although these are Pundit Resolutions for the New Pipe Year, feel free to claim as your own any that suit your fancy.

Resolution #1: I promise to make more pipe purchases, of course. But with a twist. Hopefully, this New Pipe Year will bring one of the big names to the rotation, say, a Castello or a beautiful production from Claudio Cavicchi, the Italian farmer-turned artisan pipe maker.

Pipe Collecting

Trevor Barton Collection of Pipes up for Auction Sept. 2020

From the Editor: Trevor Barton was a British pipe collector that favored historical non-briar pipes, such as: native American, tribal, ceremonial, art pieces, porcelain, ivory, and meerschaum. He ammassed a huge collection of pipes, along with smoking ephemera such as tobacco boxes, carved wood pipe cases, books, and large tobacco advertising figures in carved wood.

Via Press Release: Sworders Fine Art Auctioneers are to disperse one of the world’s finest collections of pipes and smoking accoutrements across a number of sales this year. The Trevor Barton (1920-2008) collection represents more than 50 years of acquisition and study, by a Hertfordshire pipe collector known to many in the antiques trade as ‘The Pipe Man’.

Mr. Barton began collecting pipes and other tobacco-related items in 1947, shortly after he was demobbed (British for discharged from the military). His son (also Trevor) recalls life in a small Tudor cottage in Hertfordshire surrounded by hundreds of pipes and regular visits from other enthusiasts, including fellow members of the Academie Internationale de la Pipe (the collecting association formed in 1984). “Dad was a true collector. One day he bought an antique pipe on a London street market. Within a few weeks he had ten, then 20. The collection then just kept growing for the next 50 years.” His father would unfailingly rise before dawn every Friday to attend Bermondsey market and then Portobello on Saturdays – the stallholders all familiar with ‘The Pipe Man.’