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Artisan Pipe Maker Bob Gilbert Interview

    May 10th, 2010


By Bob Tate

2010-chicago-pipe-show-138During our time at the 2010 Chicago Pipe Show, one of the people that we had the chance to meet up with was Artisan Pipe Maker Bob Gilbert (Staffwalker). Bob is a very nice and accommodating guy and he also does some outstanding work. Bob Gilbert is from Denton, Texas and has been making pipes for almost four years. His pipes are very attractive and he puts a lot of effort into his work. Not only are his pipes attractive, but they are made with precision engineering. Kevin and I both acquired a pipe from Bob and they smoke great.

The stems are made from Ebonite and they meet up flawlessly with the shank of the pipe. The draft hole is dead center on the bottom of the bowl and a pipe cleaner runs all the way through with out any problems. He leaves a 1/32” space between the tenon and the mortise and he also drills them wide enough to accept fluffy pipe cleaners. His pipes are also very affordable. I have seen pipes that look as good as his pipes sell for double and sometimes triple what he prices his pipes at. Bob Gilbert does not currently have a website, but you can still get in touch with him.
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