By Bob Tate

Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco PouchThe pouch aroma of this blend is a rich and tangy straight tobacco aroma. There are no other aromas present that I am detecting. It actually smells a lot like cigarette tobacco. The moisture content is a tad bit on the dry side and is perfect for smoking right away. This blend is pretty much cubed cut and packs fairly easily. I loaded up my pipe and proceeded to the charring light.

On the charring light:
Flavor: A pretty bland tobacco flavor with not much going on. It does not taste like any type of pipe tobacco that I have ever tasted.
Aroma: The aroma is OK. My wife says that it reminds her of the old time pipe tobacco aroma.

I finished lighting the pipe and settled in for the smoke.


At the start of the smoke there is not a whole lot there. There is a light tobacco flavor with a very, very slight hint of sweetness far in the background. It is really bland tasting to me. The flavor of this blend (the little bit that shows up), is not good at all. It is very bland. The sweetness does step forward as the bowl progresses, but I do not find it as a sweet flavor. I find it more along the lines of a sweet feeling in the mouth that I find unpleasant. This is a very one dimensional smoke and that one dimension does not taste good to me at all. This flavor lasted from start to finish. I have tasted cigarette tobacco that tastes much better.

I did not like this blend at all. It does smoke cool, dry, and doesn’t bite. But the flavor of this blend, or lack thereof, really does not appeal to me in the slightest. I will not buy this blend or smoke it ever again. I found it that bad. This confuses me some because a lot of people like this blend quite a lot and I hear mostly good things about it. Maybe I just got a bad pouch. Tastes are subjective and maybe this blend just clashes with my personal flavor preferences. I don’t know what it is.

This is one of the very few blends that I have considered giving a ‘Do Not Recommend’ rating, but because so many other people enjoy this blend, I am thinking that maybe this blend is just not for me and maybe I just don’t get it. Based off of that, I am going to Somewhat Recommend it.

Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco 002 Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco 003


Brand: Brown & Williamson
Blend: Sir Walter Raleigh Regular
Description: A classic Burley smoking tobacco savored by pipe tobacco smokers for 75 years.
Country: US
Cut: Cube Cut
Tobaccos: Burley
Strength: Medium
Taste: Bland Tobacco, Very Slight Hints of Sweetness
Room Note: Tolerable to Pleasant

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Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco Pouch

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9 Responses to “Sir Walter Raleigh Regular - Pipe Tobacco Review”

  1. lonestar said:

    Too bad you didnt like this, SWR is one of my favorites. I would characterize it much differently then you, I definitely detect top flavoring. The room aroma also gives away a topping that is mildly sweet, but what you didnt mention is what I do like about it. There is a certain dark, slightly sour dimension to the smoke that perhaps is an aquired taste but one that I enjoy.
    Maybe its my personal PH level, but SWR always packs a nice nicotine punch for me, somewhere around the middle of the bowl I notice an enjoyable feeling of detachment, a definite buzz nearly every time I light up a bowl.
    While I do enjoy it in briar, it sings a slightly different note in a good corncob pipe.
    Try this blend out in a Missouri Meerschaum cob before you toss it.
    I also tend to blend this 50/50 with McClelland 5100 Red Cake, both being pretty monochromatic, but with the 5100 lending its bright notes to the darker SWR, and giving it a little bit of a character change through the bowl (SWR smokes about the same for me, beginning to end by itself)

  2. cortezattic said:

    When I need to smoke a codger Burley I always load up a bowl of P.A., so as luck would have it I never explored the other blends in this genre (SWR, Carter Hall, Kentucky Club, etc.) Well, I guess I’m gonna try a small package of this just to figure out why so many folks like it. Thanks for bringing this old standard to our attention.

  3. Kevin said:

    To me, Sir Walter Raleigh is somewhat similar to Prince Albert. Nothing fancy, one dimensional, but not bad. There’s not a lot of flavor in either and they are certainly not complex, but I don’t dislike them.

  4. Bob said:

    Like I said in the review; I have no idea why this blend affected me so negatively. It could have been a bad pouch I suppose. But for whatever the reason, I did not enjoy it at all. It actually surprised me a bit because I have smoked other ‘Drug Store’ blends such as Carter Hall, Mixture 79, Captain Black, etc. and found them pleasant enough. Some were better than others, but none of them affected me negatively like SWR did.

  5. funn said:

    Maybe you fell in the PA trap that I did. First time I tried PA in a pouch, it was awful, next time I tried it out of a tub and the rest is history. Been smoking it ever since. Maybe you should find someone who has SWR in a tub. Would hate for you to purchase a tub and it was still bad…

  6. rbull said:

    Every few years (for the last 25 or so), I buy a pouch of SWR or PA or 5 Bros. to see if I can “get” what it is people like about them. I never do. “Vive la difference!”

  7. zwolanek said:

    “Codger Burley” is the best description. Please don’t confuse high sales or popularity with quality. Codger Burley is available everywhere, so - just like CrustyBurger - it sells a lot.

    Americans tend to believe that high sales equal quality. Hence the sounds on the radio, the level of political discourse, the style of food, and the flavor of beer. The nice thing is that the internet has brought us wider choices and a community of like-minded people.

    So nevermind what your told you should like - think for yourself!

  8. captainbob said:

    You can’t knock the fact that this blend has truly stood the test of time (decades)! I used to amoke it back in the early 70’s. But there are so many offerings available that appeal to me so much more. Still, I would never fault someone who derives pleasure from this or any other old time favorite OTC blend! In my opinion, SWR is for those who enjoy it. Actually, I smoked Half and Half for 29 years before I started blending on my own. That in itself is a testament to some of these “old time” OTC blends.

  9. mike68 said:

    Good, honest review…funny, I smoke this purely because it reminds me of my late grandfather. In fact, I’ve decided to smoke a bowl of SWR in any “new to me” pipe from now on. Since I’ve tried some other tobacco’s I can’t say I LOVE this stuff - it’s the memory that makes this a staple in my collection…enjoyed the review though! Thanks!



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