By Bob Tate

Peterson Irish Flake Pipe TobaccoTin

The tin aroma from this blend is a straight forward strong tobacco with a hint of tanginess. The moisture content is almost perfect for smoking right upon opening the tin. This means that it dries out a little faster than other blends, which does not bother me. I have smoked it fresh from the tin, dried out quite a bit, and have also re-hydrated it a little before smoking with no problems and no noticeable change in flavor.

For this review, I took a couple of flakes and rubbed them out between my palms to get a nice rubbed out mixture. It rubbed out very easily. I loosely filled the bowl, applying minimal pressure. I tend to fill my pipes a little on the loose side anyway, but I make sure I do a loose pack on flakes; they just seem to smoke better for me this way.

Now it’s time for the charring light. Upon lighting I am greeted with a full bodied tobacco smell with a slightly tangy aroma and taste, very nice. I then settled back for the smoke. The flavor is a straight forward, unadulterated tobacco taste; accompanied by slightly sweet, slightly smoky, and slightly tangy tastes that interchange with each other. What I mean by this is, sometimes I taste sweetness, other times a tanginess, and other times a smokiness. It does not happen at certain times of the smoke, it just randomly switches. The smokiness is nothing like the smokiness that I get from Latakia; it is a different kind of smokiness. It’s different, but very good.

Wow! This is one strong tobacco! Peterson’s is not kidding when they say, ‘For the experienced smoker’. I did not eat before smoking and by the half way point; I could feel it in my stomach. But I am an experienced smoker and can take it…(I think). I don’t think I would smoke this blend early in the day. It is more of a later in the afternoon and evening smoke for me. It is just too strong for early in the day. I pushed this tobacco a little and I got no bite from it. It has a nice sweet and tangy finish that lingers for a bit.

I finished the bowl with no major adverse affects with my stomach, (boy I should have eaten first!) This is a very good tobacco and I will definitely be smoking more of it. If you like good strong tobacco, I think that you will love this blend. I Highly Recommend it! Just make sure you eat before smoking it!

Peterson Irish Flake Pipe Tobacco 01 Peterson Irish Flake Pipe Tobacco 02


Brand: Peterson
Blend: Irish Flake
Description: A full bodied blend made of equal proportions air-cured, flue cured, and dark fired. True to the pure, unspoilt tobacco taste. Recommended for the experienced pipe smoker.
Country: Ireland
Cut: Flake
Tobaccos: Virginia, Kentucky
Strength: Full/Strong
Taste: Good tobacco taste with some sweet, smokey, and tangy nuances
Room Note: Pleasant to Tolerable

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Peterson Irish Flake Tin

Peterson Irish Flake - Click Here to Order Now!


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9 Responses to “Peterson Irish Flake - Pipe Tobacco Reviews”

  1. Kevin said:

    Wow , that sounds really good. I have tried a few Peterson blends and really liked them. This morning I smoked the Peterson Navy Flake, which I would classify as mild-medium.

    That’s pretty cool how you described the Irish Flake changing flavors as you go through. I have experienced that a little bit.

    After reading this review I really want to try the Peterson Irish Flake now.

  2. python said:

    This is a must try tobacco if you like strong, straight tobacco.

  3. [...] far on this site we have reviewed the aromatic Luxury Blend and the flake style Irish Flake. We have smoked several others and have reviews on the way as of this writing. This article will be [...]

  4. Kevin said:

    Wow, you better be sitting down when you smoke this, and don’t have any plans either.

    I smoked this for the first time at the Richmond show when Bob gave me some. Half way through the bowl I had to excuse myself to go to bed. It was 11:30 pm and I had several drinks, so I thought it was just being tired from a long day of travel and a few drinks.

    Since then I have bought a tin and smoked Irish Flake twice.

    I have not yet been able to get through an entire bowl as the room starts to spin.

    I like Peterson Irish Flake a lot, but I have to remember to smoke it in a mini bowl, or only fill the bowl half way. I can probably save money on booze by smoking this too.

    Peterson Irish Flake: Very tasty, burns well - just make sure it is the end of the day, you are sitting down and have no plans to do anything.

    You probably shouldn’t drive after smoking this one either.

    This is stronger than my previous strongest find - SG Bracken Flake.

  5. xl4life said:

    I agree 100% I’m currently finishing up a tin now. I didnt \rub it out\ just folded it lengthwise then in half and ruffed up the top. even stronger Loved it

  6. [...] or even a cigarette smoker. I’m not a lightweight smoker, but I am not a heavyweight either. (Peterson’s Irish Flake knocks me out, but I love it anyway! I smoke it when I can’t go to sleep.) For me, Kajun Kake [...]

  7. chuckw said:

    My experience with Peterson’s Irish Flake was much the same as Bob’s except for the nicotine hit. Sometimes Virginia sweet, sometimes Virginia tangy and sometimes a little woodsy. The tin aroma gave that smell of fresh mown hay with something that reminded me of anise and currents. I packed it lightly using the two step instead of the three step method and was rewarded with a fine, all tobacco taste experience.
    This is definatly a tobacco I’ll keep on hand.

  8. unclearthur said:

    Good review. I am a big fan of this fine tobacco. There is definitely a wee bit of a kick there .

  9. lordofthepiperings said:

    I’ve noticed that myself with English blends. I can’t smoke an English blend unless I’ve had something to eat recently. Good to findout it’s not just me. I’m always okay after a snack afterwards at the least. Might give this one a try sometime.



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