By Bob Tate

Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co. Bob's Chocolate Flake Pipe Tobacco Tin

The tobacco that I smoked for this review is from a 500g bulk box. I have also smoked this blend in the tinned version and it tastes and smells exactly the same. The only difference is that the flakes are much longer in the bulk version than it is in the tinned version. I didn’t measure the flakes, but I would say that the flakes are about 6 inches long in bulk version and about 3 inches long in the tinned version.

The tin aroma smells of Latakia, chocolate, and cocoa with a hint of the Lakeland essence. The Latakia aroma is light and subdued. The chocolate and cocoa aromas are also light, but they do stand out. The Lakeland essence is about as strong as the chocolate and cocoa aromas. There is a difference in the chocolate and cocoa aromas. The chocolate reminds me of chocolate while the cocoa reminds me of a richer, darker type of chocolate aroma like the kind that you would get from cocoa powder that you use for baking. I don’t detect any vanilla in the tin aroma. The tin aroma is simply amazing and I love it!

I took a few of the flakes and fully rubbed them out into nice, fluffy ribbons. After rubbing the flakes out, the aroma is pretty much the same, but it is more intense. There is also a very noticeable Virginia tobacco aroma now that makes it smell even more amazing. The moisture level is perfect for smoking right away with no drying time needed. After I spent some time drooling over the aroma of the unburned tobacco, I loaded up my pipe and proceeded to the charring light.

On the charring light:
Flavor: There is a nice tobacco flavor with hints of chocolate and a very light Lakeland flavor. I do not taste any smoky flavor from the Latakia, but there is a deep, rich body to the smoke.
Aroma: I smell tobacco, chocolate, and hint of the Lakeland aroma. I do not smell any of the typical Latakia aromas in the smoke. It smells very pleasant.

I finished lighting the pipe and settled in for a nice relaxing smoke that I knew I was going to enjoy immensely.

At the start of the smoke, I taste the chocolate flavor and also a light Lakeland flavor. The Lakeland flavor is not very strong and it compliments the chocolate very nicely. I can also taste the tobacco under the chocolate and Lakeland flavors. It is a nice, sweet, tobacco flavor that is the backbone to this blend. There is a very, very light smokiness that sits very far in the background, but there is quite a bit of body to the smoke. There are nice volumes of smoke and the smoke seems to fill and coat my mouth with the flavors. There is also a bit of sweetness to this blend. The sweetness is not overpowering and is at just the right level.

Around the 3/4 point, I detected a very light BBQ flavor. It only lasted a second and was gone before I really knew what it was. I actually sat there for a minute wondering if I had imagined it. Other than that, the flavor profile is still the same.

At the mid-bowl point, the cocoa flavor has become more pronounced than the chocolate flavor. What I mean by this is that the flavor has changed from a sweeter type of chocolate flavor to the deep, rich, and darker cocoa flavor.

As the bowl progressed after the mid-bowl point, the flavors of the chocolate, cocoa, and Lakeland began to fade out more and more as it got closer to the end. As those flavors faded, the tobacco flavor was becoming more pronounced. This continued until the end of the bowl.

Bob’s Chocolate Flake is a great blend and I love it! It smokes slow, cool, and dry. I have a feeling that this blend could bite if it is smoked too aggressively. This blend is really nice and actually taste pretty much the way that it smells in the tin. If you do not normally like the Lakeland blends, I would still suggest giving this blend a try because the Lakeland essence is applied pretty lightly in my opinion. I never tasted any of the vanilla flavor that is in the description, but that is fine with me. It still tasted great from start to finish.

The room note is pleasant and doesn’t have the typical Latakia room note, so that is a plus if you are smoking around people who find the aroma of Latakia unpleasant. If you are looking for a good chocolate blend I strongly suggest giving this blend a try.
I Highly Recommend it!

Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co. Bob's Chocolate Flake Pipe Tobacco 001 Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co. Bob's Chocolate Flake Pipe Tobacco 002


Brand: Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co.
Blend: Bob’s Chocolate Flake
Description: Virginias, Latakia, and Burley tobaccos with hints of Chocolate, Cocoa, and Vanilla.
Country: UK
Cut: Flake
Tobaccos: Virginia, Latakia, Burley
Strength: Medium
Taste: Tobacco, Sweetness, Chocolate, Cocoa, Lakeland Essence
Room Note: Pleasant

Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co. Bob’s Chocolate Flake - Click Here to Order Now!

Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co. Bob's Chocolate Flake Pipe Tobacco Tin

Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co. Bob’s Chocolate Flake - Click Here to Order Now!


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10 Responses to “Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co. Bob’s Chocolate Flake - Pipe Tobacco Review”

  1. Kevin said:

    I like this one a lot myself Bob. Your review is exactly my take on it too. Smoking Bob’s Chocolate Flake (did they name it for you?) is like eating high quality chocolate.
    This is the only blend I’ve ever smoked where there is Latakia present, but it is hiding. The typical smoky flavor and aroma is not there. This is good though, as chocolate shouldn’t have that type of flavor.
    Everything about this blend is high quality. Just like you pointed out, you can actually distinctly taste the tobacco as well as the chocolate and both tastes are exquisite.
    I originally bought a tin of this, and then I went back and bought 100 grams in bulk.

  2. Doc Garr said:

    I liked the bulk better than the tinned. I thought the bulk was a bit more mellow than the tinned. I remember smoking Bob’s Chocolate for quite awhile before reading a review of it. I was shocked to learn that it had latakia in it. I don’t like latakia that much, but I never detected it when I smoked it. But you are right, Bob, it is a great smoke…a latakia that’s not really a latakia blend, an aromatic that’s not really an aromatic.

  3. lonestar said:

    It took me a little while to warm up to it, but it has become one of my favorite smokes.
    Like Kevin points out, the latakia stays almost completely hidden in the blend, but I do get the slightest taste of it from time to time through the smoke.

  4. brewshooter said:

    To me the Lakeland was so subtle that I wasn’t sure if it was in the tobacco or just a ghost from my Lakeland dedicated pipe. I really love the cocoa flavor in this one. This one is going to become a staple in my cellar!

  5. docwatson said:

    Fabulous stuff. Not sticky, gooey, or overly sweet like a lot of aromatics. My favorite when I need a chocolate fix. Great review Bob.

  6. krgulick said:

    Great review Bob. Will definitely have to get some of this stuff.

  7. cortezattic said:

    Reviews like this are great to read because they remove the unknowns and doubts and let me know exactly what to expect. I glossed over this blend numerous times while browsing online because chocolate, Latakia, and Lakeland are three words that normally send me off in a different direction; but this looks like something with which I should spend a little time — especially since I’m trying to broaden my selections to include some of the more refined aromatic blends. Thanks, Bob.

  8. mukihr said:

    i have tried it a month ago or something like that… this is a great tobacco - i am Latakia lover and like it :) this is really good…. :)
    would recommend it for sure….

  9. Gilthoniel said:

    Great review. I tried this a few months ago, having been a piper for about a year, and as soon as I lit it up I thought “well, here’s my go-to blend.” This is one of those funny ones where, if you’ve never encountered latakia, when you smell it in the bag you’ll say “Whoah, burning tires!”, whereas if you are used to English blends you’ll say, “Latakia? What latakia?” The latakia is sort of used as a condiment here, I guess, like salt in a good meal: you’re not supposed to notice it, but if it wasn’t there you’d certainly feel the difference.

  10. Chris G said:

    I currently have some of this fine blend from the current production, 2008, 2004 and the late 90’s and it starts out great and gets deeper and more rich as it ages. Unlike other flavored blends, the chocolate stands the test of time. GREAT STUFF!!!



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