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McClelland Christmas Cheer 2007 - Pipe Tobacco Reviews

    December 19th, 2010


By Bob Tate

McClelland Christmas Cheer

McClelland Christmas Cheer 001 McClelland Christmas Cheer 2007


The tin aroma of this blend is very sweet and tangy. There is also a very strong vinegary smell that reminds me of ketchup. I have a bit of experience with McClelland tobacco blends and I know that this is a common smell in a lot of their tobacco tins and that it does not affect the flavor and room note aroma of the smoke. It goes away almost instantly upon lighting. The moisture content of this tobacco is pretty moist out of the tin and some drying time is recommended. I took a few of the broken flake pieces, fully rubbed them out, loaded my pipe, and proceeded to the charring light.
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Dunhill My Mixture 965 - Pipe Tobacco Reviews

    December 13th, 2010


By Bob Tate


The tin aroma of this blend is a strong, sweet and smoky tobacco smell with a light hint of spice to it. It smells very good. The moisture content is good for smoking right out of the tin, but some drying time would not hurt. I loaded up the pipe and proceeded to the charring light.
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Dunhill Early Morning Pipe - Pipe Tobacco Reviews

    December 9th, 2010


By Bob Tate


*Editors Note/Correction:

I have to make a correction to this review. After further investigation, I have found out from Orlik that this blend does contain Latakia. Here is a list of the tobaccos that are in this blend and where they come from:

•Virginia tobaccos from Africa and South America
•Oriental tobaccos from Greece and Turkey
•Latakia from Cyprus

A part of the Virginia tobacco is steamed in order to get the smooth taste.

Because the recipes of the Dunhill Pipe Tobacco Blends are kept secret, I could not find out how much Latakia that they put in this blend. I presume that it is not very much because the Latakia is not very strong like I encounter in most every other Latakia/English type blend.

However, with this new information taken into account; I still stand by my review of this blend, with the obvious exception that it does contain Latakia. It does not change the fact of what I thought about the flavor and aroma of this blend. It is still a really good blend.

Bob Tate


The tin aroma of this blend is a nice tobacco smell that is a little earthy with some sweetness to it. I am also picking up on hints of smokiness with some spice. On the first smell, it kind of smells like there is Latakia in it from the smokiness. But upon further and deeper smelling, I am no longer really picking up on Latakia. The smokiness faded quite a bit and was replaced by a more predominate aroma of tobacco. I am not sure if this blend contains any Latakia in it or not, but I do not think that there is. I would guess that the reason for the first smell of it is that Latakia is made from Oriental tobaccos and I was picking up on the base aroma of it.
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Rich Gottlieb of 4noggins.com Interview

    December 1st, 2010


By Bob Tate

Rich Gottlieb, 4noggins.com Owner

Rich Gottlieb, 4noggins.com Owner

4noggins.com was started in 2005 by Richard Gottlieb. In the five short years that he has been in business, Rich has grown 4noggins.com into one of the more trusted and successful online pipe tobacco vendors that there is. He and his wife are the only employees of the company and they offer great customer service to all of their customers.

They have a great selection of pipe tobacco and have recently started selling a larger variety of pipes. Along with his retail sales, Rich also offers consignment sales to and for his customers. I had the opportunity to interview Rich and ask him a few questions.
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