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Peterson Old Dublin - Pipe Tobacco Reviews

    November 8th, 2010


By Bob Tate

Current Production Tin

Current Production Tin - Current Artwork

My Tin

My Tin - Original Artwork

The tin that I am reviewing has over 5 years of age on it. The tin has the old artwork on it. The blend is the same, just the artwork was changed. The tin aroma is a very nice smoky and sweet smell with a little bit of a tang in the nose. The moisture level is a little on the wet side and some drying time wouldn’t hurt. I loaded up my pipe using the Three Step Method and proceeded to the charring light.

On the charring light, I was greeted by a nice smoky flavor with a baseline of sweetness. It tasted very nice. Aroma wise, there was a nice smoky smell of the Latakia with some sweetness from the Virginia and Orientals. I finished lighting the pipe and settled in for the smoke.
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