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2009 25th Annual C.O.R.P.S./Richmond Pipe Show Coverage - Part 4

    October 27th, 2009


By Bob Tate


Saturday morning, I awoke very early and headed down to the exhibition hall. I wanted to get there before the show started so I could try and get some photos of all of the exhibitors setting up their tables for the day. Only the exhibitors were allowed in the hall from 7:30am to 9:30am, but the C.O.R.P.S. were kind enough let me in for some photos. I spoke to a few of the exhibitors, but because they were busy and I did not want to distract them from their work, they were very brief exchanges.

 corps-saturday-setup-01  corps-saturday-setup-02
 corps-saturday-setup-03  corps-saturday-setup-04
 corps-saturday-setup-06  corps-saturday-setup-07
 corps-saturday-setup-08  corps-saturday-setup-09


After that I headed off to breakfast with Kevin to go over our game plan for the day. Read the rest of this entry »

2009 25th Annual C.O.R.P.S./Richmond Pipe Show Coverage - Part 3

    October 24th, 2009


By Bob Tate

corpsKevin and I had an awesome time at the Richmond Show. If you did not attend, you missed out on a great time and you really need to make plans to attend the 2010 C.O.R.P.S./Richmond Show. But until next year, you can read our articles to see what it is like to attend the show. Keep in mind that our coverage, although intense, is just a fraction of what actually went on at the show. It was just impossible to cover everything that was going on. This part of my coverage will cover what we experienced Friday night. So here we go!

Like Kevin said in his article; when we arrived on Friday evening we were running late, due to the airlines, and trying to catch up with everything that was going on at the show. We checked in and didn’t even have time to bring our luggage to our rooms so we were running down the corridors, luggage and all. We ran to the International Charatan Collector’s Society meeting and spoke with Tad Gage (Gaget), Bob Swanson (Paradisebob), and a few other people about the club (article to come soon). Then we headed over and became members of C.O.R.P.S., Conclave of Richmond Pipe Smokers, and chatted a little bit with Linwood Hines (Gnarlybriar), the former President of C.O.R.P.S. Linwood was the President up until the show when he handed the reigns off to Craig Norris, the new and current President. Read the rest of this entry »

Cornell & Diehl Exhausted Rooster - Pipe Tobacco Reviews

    October 17th, 2009


By Bob Tate


The pouch aroma of this blend is that wonderful tanginess that tickles the nose slightly and makes my mouth water. It also has a slight amount of sweetness and just a touch of spiciness to the aroma. The moisture content is perfect for smoking right away.

This blend is a broken flake. For this review, I did not rub the pieces out. I left the pieces as they were, loaded my pipe, and proceeded to the charring light. On the charring light I am greeted with that lovely taste and aroma of the Virginias. The taste is a slightly tangy, slightly sweet, tobacco taste. I settled in for the smoke with expectations of a good, relaxing smoke from this blend. Read the rest of this entry »

2009 25th Annual C.O.R.P.S/Richmond Pipe Show Coverage - Part 2

    October 7th, 2009


By Bob Tate

Kevin Godbee (PM.com) and Alan Schwartz (XYZ Direct)

Kevin Godbee (PM.com) and Alan Schwartz (XYZ Direct)


In this part of our 2009 C.O.R.P.S Show coverage, we focus on another new blend that was released at the show. The new blend is Wessex Gold Standard released by XYZ Direct, LTD.

We had the opportunity to talk to Alan Schwartz of XYZ Direct about the new blend. We have a video interview with him as he explains about the new blend and talks about how they blended it using the British style of blending.

We also have a few photos of the large amounts of different tobaccos that XYZ Direct brought to the show. Read the rest of this entry »

Florida Representative Files Bill to Tax Tobacco Pipes!

    October 7th, 2009


By Bob Tate


PipesMagazine.com has just become aware, by way of the Orlando Sentinel, that Florida Democratic Rep. Darryl Rouson has filed a bill to introduce a tax on tobacco pipes in Florida. He claims that he is targeting ‘other’ types of pipes that are used for smoking illegal substances, but we all know where this is going to lead. The proposed new tax (surtax) that will be introduced is a staggering 25%! That is 25% on top of all of the other sales taxes and use taxes that are already in place!

Mr. Rouson says, and I quote,
“We all know the head shops, gas stations, and novelty stores in Florida are selling drug paraphernalia under the charade of being “tobacco pipes,’” Rouson said in a press release for HB 187. “If these items are to be available to the citizens of Florida, then we should charge a surtax on these consumers who are obviously using the pipes to do drugs.”

But according to his proposed bill (there is an excerpt from the bill as well as a link to the bill at the end of the article) it says that it includes all pipes regardless of whether they are sold for legal purposes or in violation of the law. That is a nice piece of double talk and contradiction, wouldn’t you say? Read the rest of this entry »

2009 25th Annual C.O.R.P.S/Richmond Pipe Show Coverage - Part 1

    October 6th, 2009


By Bob Tate

 corps  corps-logo


Let me start by saying that Kevin and I had a great time at the show. We both thank Linwood Hines, Craig Norris, and the rest of the members of the C.O.R.P.S for putting on a great show. In addition to C.O.R.P.S, we would like to thank all of the vendors, exhibitors, and every one who attended the show for making every one else in attendance feel welcome.

We have collected so much information, interviews, photos, videos, etc. that it was hard for us to find a starting point for the coverage of the show. But we finally decided on starting our coverage of the show with a report on some of the new tobaccos that were released by Cornell & Diehl. C&D released three new C&D blends at the show and they also had a new GLPease blend that was released at the show. Read the rest of this entry »

2009 25th Annual CORPS Show - Coverage Update

    October 5th, 2009


By Bob Tate

(left to right) Bob Tate, Craig Norris (President of CORPS), Kevin Godbee

(left to right) Bob Tate, Craig Norris (President of CORPS), Kevin Godbee

Last night, we returned home from attending and covering the 2009 25th Annual CORPS Show. CORPS stands for Conclave of Richmond Pipe Smokers. We had a great, but very busy, time!

It was great meeting and talking with everyone that we were able to meet. Some were members of the site and others; I hope will become members soon so we can talk and discuss all things pipe related a little more often and in depth. Read the rest of this entry »