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Cornell & Diehl Opening Night - Pipe Tobacco Reviews

    July 29th, 2009


By Bob Tate


The pouch aroma of this blend is a very nice Virginia sweet and tangy smell. The moisture level of this is, as with every C&D blend that I have tried, perfect for smoking right away. This blend is a broken flake (Fig. 1), so I lightly rubbed it out leaving it a little chunky (Fig. 2). I loaded the pipe using my two step method and packed it loosely.
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Dan Tobacco Sweet Vanilla Honeydew - Pipe Tobacco Reviews

    July 22nd, 2009

By Bob Tate


This is a blend that I have smoked in both the tinned and bulk versions. Both of them are exactly the same. The moisture content is perfect for smoking right out of the tin or pouch. The tin aroma is very nice. There is a nice sweet real vanilla smell and I think I picked up on a hint of chocolate as well. I do not pick up on any honeydew in the aroma. What I mean by a real vanilla smell is; the vanilla is like vanilla bean or a high quality vanilla extract, not a chemical vanilla smell that is associated with the cheaper tobacco blends.
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Tobacco Pipe Packing Methods - Part 1

    July 20th, 2009


By Bob Tate


[Editors Note: Be sure to read Part Two of this article, Tobacco Pipe Packing Methods - Part 2 (With Videos), to see instructional videos on how to perform these methods.]

There are a lot of different ways to load your pipe for smoking. Here I will list a few different methods that I know of and give a brief description of them. Remember that there is no exact set of rules for packing your bowl. The goal in packing your pipe is to get a proper draw, it doesn’t matter how or which method you use to do it. The most commonly accepted draw should feel like you are drinking through a straw. When it feels like that, you should not have any problems. I prefer my draw to be a little looser than that.
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Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co. Rum Flake - Pipe Tobacco Reviews

    July 14th, 2009

By Bob Tate


Note: This review is from bulk tobacco. I have not tried the tinned version, so I can not compare the differences, if any, between the two.

The tin aroma of this blend is very intriguing and pleasant. I am picking up on the rum, licorice, and vanilla as well as the sweet tang from the Virginias. It is a little on the moist side and could use a little drying time. This tobacco comes in a broken flake style (Fig. 1), and needs very little effort in rubbing out (Fig. 2).
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Mac Baren HH Vintage Syrian - Pipe Tobacco Reviews

    July 6th, 2009


By Bob Tate

Mac Baren HH Vintage Syrian Pipe Tobacco Tin

Editors Note: This tobacco is from an sample pouch that I received from Mac Baren at the time this blend was introduced. It is has about 2 years of age on it. HH Vintage Syrian is not available in this pouch.

The pouch aroma on this blend has a sweet and tangy Virginia smell which was accompanied by the smokiness from the Latakia. The moisture content is perfect for smoking right out of the pouch. It is a coarse cut, which means there are some nice chunky pieces of tobacco. I loaded my pipe and proceeded with the charring light.
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How to Rehydrate Pipe Tobacco - Rehydrating Pipe Tobacco

    July 5th, 2009


By Bob Tate


If you store your pipe tobacco properly, it should not dry out. But I am sure that it has happened to us all at one time or another. We open a tin, pouch, or baggie to smoke some tobacco and place it back on the shelf and forget about it being open and it dries out. Don’t throw it away because it can be saved. Pipe tobacco is not like cigars, it can be rehydrated very easily. In this article, I will talk about some ways to rehydrate pipe tobacco if it gets too dry to handle.

First let me say that you don’t have to rehydrate and some people actually prefer their tobacco on the crispy side. There are certain tobaccos that I prefer on the really dry side. However, there are those who say that if the tobacco gets too dry, it loses some of its flavor and needs to be rehydrated so you can taste the ‘actual’ flavor. It’s all about personal preference.
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