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Here is our listing of Pipe Tobacco. You can buy pipe tobacco online, browse bulk pipe tobacco, and see all the pipe smoking tobacco, including some of the best pipe tobacco in the world.

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We have Bulk Pipe Tobacco and Tinned Pipe Tobacco. We list many Pipe Smoking Tobaccos including; Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco, Prince Albert Pipe Tobacco, Captain Black Pipe Tobacco, Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco, Borkum Riff Pipe Tobacco.


Borkum Riff Bourbon Half and Half Burley & Bright McClelland British Woods
Borkum Ultra Light Germain’s Royal Jersey Perique Mixture - 50gr McClelland Captain Cool
Butera Kingfisher Germain’s Special Latakia Flake - 50gr McClelland Dark Star
Butera Pelican (English - Oriental) Germain’s Brown Flake - 50gr Tin McClelland Dominican Glory (Maduro)
Captain Black Gold Kentucky Club Continental McClelland Dominican Glory Mild
Captain Black Original White Kentucky Club Mixture McClelland Frog Morton
Captain Black Royal MacBaren Club Blend McClelland Frog Morton Across The Pond
Carter Hall Mixture MacBaren Black Ambrosia McClelland Frog Morton on the Bayou
Middleton’s Cherry Blend MacBaren Burley McClelland Frog Morton on the Town
Erinmore Mixture 100grm MacBaren Gold of Denmark McClelland Grey Haven
Escudo Navy Flake 50grm MacBaren Latakia Blend McClelland Honeydew
Esoterica Dorchester MacBaren Mixture Mild McClelland Latakia
Esoterica Dunbar MacBaren Mixture McClelland Mellow Mack
Esoterica Margate MacBaren Navy Flake McClelland Mixture-12
Esoterica Pembroke MacBaren Plumcake McClelland Mixture-14
Esoterica Penzance MacBaren Roll Cake McClelland Mixture-1
Esoterica Tilbury MacBaren Virginia-1 McClelland Mixture-6
GH American Delight MacBaren Virginia Flake McClelland Mixture-8
GH Balkan Mixture MacBaren No-8 Limited Edition McClelland Navy Cavendish
GH Bob’s Chocolate Flake McClelland Arcadia McClelland Oriental
GH Broken Scotch Cake McClelland Best of Show McClelland Pal ‘o’ Mine
GH Brown Flake-2 McClelland Black Shag McClelland Perique Mine
GH Rum Flake McClelland Blackwoods Flake McClelland Rose of Latakia
GH Top Black Cherry McClelland Bombay Court McClelland St. James Woods
Granger Rough Cut McClelland Bombay Extra McClelland Syrian Full Balkans
McClelland Virginia Blend McClelland Holiday Spirit 2008 McClelland Holiday Spirit 2009 Pipe Tobacco
McClelland Christmas Cheer 2008 McClelland Christmas Cheer 2009 Consolidated Mixture 79 - 14oz tin
Orlik Scotch Type 100grm Paladin Aromatic Black Cherry Peterson Irish Whiskey
Peterson Sherlock Holmes 50grm Peterson Sunset Breeze 50grm Peterson University Flake
Peterson Special Reserve Ltd-Ed-2008 Peterson De Luxe Mixture Prince Albert
Rattrays Three Noggins Reiner Red Label 50 gram Reiner Red Label 100 gram
Royal Vintage Dark Stoved Royal Vintage Golden Cake Royal Vintage Latakia-1
Royal Vintage Mature Ribbon Royal Vintage Sweet Cavandish Schermerhorn Flake Mixture
Sir Walter Raleigh Regular Skandinavik Full Aroma Red Skandinavik Regular Brown
Stanwell Melange - 50gr Stanwell Vanilla - 50gr Velvet Smoking Pipe Tobacco
McClelland Syrian Super Balkan McClelland Tastemaster McClelland Town Topic
McClelland Virginia-22 McClelland Virginia-24 McClelland Virginia-25
McClelland Virginia-27 McClelland Virginia Woods McClelland Acadian Ribbon
McClelland Tawny Flake McClelland Bayou Slice McClelland Latakia Flake
McClelland Easy Street McClelland Royal Cajun Dark McClelland Royal Cajun Ebony
McClelland Royal Cajun Special McClelland Classic Samsun McClelland Katerini Classic
McClelland Yenidje Supreme McClelland Black Sea Sokhoum McClelland Yenice Agonya
McClelland Yenidje Highlander McClelland Christmas Cheer 2007 McClelland Smyrna No-1
McClelland Drama Reserve Orlik Golden Sliced 50grm Orlik Rubbed Out 100grm
Peterson Old Dublin Pipe Tobacco Peterson Irish Flake Rattrays Jocks Mix
Royal Vintage Blend Flake Royal Vintage Latakia-2 Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic
Spilman Mixture Whitehall Black Tie 14oz  
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