Pipe Babes 2013

Welcome to Pipe Babes 2013!
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Because everyone appreciates a beautiful woman.

"Pipe Babes" is not meant in a derogatory way. It is a compliment to any woman to be called a "babe". In our observations, even women check out other women. Did you ever notice that men’s magazines usually have a beautiful woman on the cover? Did you ever notice that women’smagazines also usually have a beautiful woman on the cover? Of course, the men are looking because … uh … we’re men! The women are looking because they are making comparisons, sizing up the competition, and getting ideas for themselves.

We hope you enjoy these lovely ladies smoking pipes.

Attention Ladies! We are seeking models interested in being photographed smoking a pipe. Please see the bottom of the page for more information.

Gabrielle and Ian at Central Cigar in Smoking Jackets

Gabrielle and Ian are sporting their smoking jackets from SmokyJoesClothing.com while hanging out in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida at Central Cigars cigar bar. Gabrielle is smoking a Dunhill Dress 41241 pipe from PipesMagazine.com Publisher & Editor, Kevin Godbee's collection. The pipe is from the estate of Aaron Spelling. Ian is smoking one of the house cigars from Central Cigars, which are actually quite good. Photos by David Hall & Photo Inc Productions.

22 Photos

Jane Smokes a Brebbia Churchwarden

Many people recognize the Churchwarden pipe as the style of pipe smoked in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. Some even refer to it as a "wizard pipe". Jane is enjoying smoking a Brebbia Lectura Churchwarden as she relaxes with her pipe.

24 Photos

Gabrielle Smoking 2009 S.G. FVF in a Winslow Bent Tomato

Gabrielle is relaxing in jeans while enjoying the rich, sweet flavors of a vintage 2009 Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake. She is smoking a Winslow "D" grade Quarter Bent Tomato. This shoot location was at the condos of McNulty Lofts in Downtown St. Petersburg where PipesMagazine.com Publisher Kevin Godbee resides. Photos by Steven Kovich Productions.

45 Photos

Katy is smoking a Kaywoodie Billiard with Sutliff Molto Dolce

Pipe Babe Katy debuted back in April as our first ever model with tattoos. This red hot redhead celebrated her 22nd birthday last month, and we are pleased to have her do an encore as our September 2013 smokin' hot Pipe Babe.

Katy is smoking a Kaywoodie London Made Medium Billiard with a Long Saddle Bit. Her tobacco of choice is Sutliff Molto Dolce.

33 Photos

Julia Smoking a Kaywoodie London Made Saddle Bit Billiard

Julia is smoking a Kaywoodie London Made Medium Billiard with a Long Saddle Bit

36 Photos

Gabrielle Smokes 2001 Escudo in a Charatan Dublin "After Hours" Pipe

We shot this in downtown St. Petersburg FL at the McNulty Lofts Condos. Photos are by Steven Kovich Productions. Gabrielle is smoking 2001 Escudo in a Lane-Era Charatan Dublin "After Hours" Pipe.

31 Photos

Jane Smokes a Luciano Bent Apple

We introduced you to blue-eyed, strawberry blonde Jane back in February. She returns for our June Pipe Babe photoshoot sporting her orange sheer summer dress while smoking a Luciano Smooth Dark Contrast Slightly Bent Apple No. 255.

62 Photos

Gabrielle at Ruby's Elixir Sporting a Pink Smoking Jacket & Dunhill Rubybark

We shot these photos of Gabrielle at Ruby's Elixir, which is a great Jazz & Blues club in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. Ruby's is attached to Central Cigars, a full liquor and cigar bar with several name brand cigars and their own house blends as well. Smoking is permitted not only in the cigar lounge, but in the jazz club as well.

In this shoot, Gabrielle is sporting a beautiful pink smoking jacket from SmokyJoesClothing.com. They have gorgeous high quality smoking jackets for men, women, and even dogs! They are not only a great high quality smoking accessory, but also great for dressing up an outfit for a night on the town.

The pipe Gabrielle is smoking is Pipes Magazine Publisher, Kevin Godbee's 2007 Dunhill Rubybark 4110 Straight Billiard with Sterling Silver band.

27 Photos

Katy Smokes a Brebbia Churchwarden

When Katy saw last month's shoot of Julia she loved the Churchwarden pipe and said; "Oooh, can I smoke that one too!?!?" As you can imagine, it's kind of hard to say no to Katy ... especially when she gives her big smile and bats her eyelashes.

So the Brebbia Lectura Churchwarden makes an encore as we introduce you to PipesMagazine's first ever Pipe Babe with tattoos. We think Katy wears them well along with her fiery red hair.

37 Photos

Julia Smokes a Brebbia Churchwarden

There's just something majestic about a churchwarden pipe, and Julia does a fine job of elegantly smoking it. The pipe is a Brebbia Lectura Churchwarden, and Julia's tobacco of choice is Cornell & Diehl Apricots and Cream. (She said she got a little buzz from it as it is Burley and Burley Cavendish.)

We had fun doing this shoot in an old house in St. Petersburg and Julia enjoyed her first "Pipe Babe" photo shoot so much that we already have her booked for an encore appearance in the magazine. Sit back, relax, light up your favorite pipe and smoke along with Julia. There's a ton of photos in this shoot. (There were so many good ones, it was just too painful to edit them out.)

64 Photos

Jane Smokes a Kaywoodie London Made

For the month of February, we'd like to introduce our newest Pipe Babe. Jane has quite long Strawberry Blonde hair, and extremely blue eyes. In her debut shoot, Jane is smoking a Kaywoodie London Made Medium Billiard with a Long Saddle Bit.

67 Photos

Chelsea's Retro Black & White Film Noir Shoot

We kick off 2013 with a creatively done black & white film noir shoot where Chelsea sports a polka dot dress and retro hairstyle. She is smoking a churchwarden with a petite apple bowl.

This photo shoot is sponsored by Scandinavian Tobacco Group Lane.

36 Photos

Attention Ladies! We are seeking models interested in being photographed smoking a pipe.


1. You are at least 18 years of age.
2. You are above average in appearance.
3. Pipe Smoking - for amateur models, we prefer that you already smoke a pipe in real life. For professional models, you need to be willing to smoke a pipe for real during the shoot. No just posing with the pipe.

If you meet these requirements, we will need 2-3 pictures of you; 1) head shot, 2) full body shot, and 3) picture of you smoking a pipe (optional for professional models).

Also, please advise your geographic location.

Please use the Contact Form Here to get in touch with us!

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