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Tufftony's Pictures

Pink & Black

Dunhill Shell Sitter Banker Group 4 -- c.1975

Savinelli Punto Oro Ring Grain 320KS

Savinelli Punto Oro Corallo di Mare


Czech Tool

Red Acrylic Stainless Steel Pipe Tool

Al Pascia Curvy orange

Volkan \"Antiqua\" 55 pot

Colibri Pacific II Pipe Lighter

Savinelli 320 Trevi

10 Refurbished Metal-Stem Pipes

Wiebe Radiator Pipe Brandy Sandblasted Brown Bowl

Wiebe Radiator Pipe Frame Stubby Bent Copper Shank

Pipe Reamer

Al Pascia curvy

Strambach Meerschaum Peace Pipe

Dunhill Promotional Glass Ashtray

Buffalo\'s Back Fat

African Pipe

Deer Antler Peace Pipe

Iron Pipe Tool

Kiribi Miyazuki

Castello Sea Rock KKK 55

Cernuschi Bronze

Savinelli Marti

Peterson Standard System B42 Rustic P-Lip Extra Large

Ropp Vintage Stout Sandblasted Billiard

Black and Pink

Gawith Hoggarth Black Irish X Twist

Savinelli Roma Lucite 122

Peterson Standard System B42 Rustic P-Lip Extra Large

Freehand Missouri Meerschaum

Shang Dynasty Pipe Stand

Dunhill Pewter Pipe Stand