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James (J.C.)

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United States Of America

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Latest Top Five Tobaccos

Boswells Choc. Cream, Christmas Cookie, countryside, Dunhill Night cap, McClelland Blue Mt,

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Fess Churchwarden, 2 Cobbs, a Meerschaum Clay, Roma 627, DR Grabo Regal, Duncan Hill Aerosphere, and my newest a David Jones Poker 2012

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  • Well Pauliepipes nice to meet you. I am perty new to pipe smoking. I have smoked a pipe off and on for bou 25 years. I was always turned off to pipes cause the tobacco burnt my tongue. I quit smoking ciggs. 2 years ago and got into cigars. Well i got my pipes out and thought would give some tins of tobacco a try and OMG its a world of diff. from the tobacco i buy from the store and i am hooked and loving it. Im trying diff makers Boswells is great Mcclleland, and i have started to try english blends and they are wonderful. And for pipes i just got a David Jones handmade and have some cheapies wanting to try some better ones.

  • So oldpops41 tell me about your pipe pleasures. I can tell you that I am enjoying many different tobaccos several from Garwith Hoggarth, Samuel Garwith, and others. I really looking for and trying flake tobaccos.

    Pipe wise, most of my collection are from small pipe makers. I grew up in Brooklyn and often visited a pipe maker Don-Lou. In the late 70’s and early 80’s I bought my pipes from him. I believe you can find them linked to my profile. I do have some pictures posted.

    I have recent additions to my collection from Jake Hackert and Tom Leedy. I will be posting picts of them when I figure it out again.

    I find this website a little difficult to get around. I never know exactly where to go to find what I want to do.