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Keeping with the “Simple” theme of the Pipes Magazine platform, our forum only has a few categories for conversations:
* General Pipe Smoking Discussion
* Pipe Tobacco Reviews
* Pipe Tobacco Discussion
* Pipe Talk
* Pipe Events
* Pipe Tobacconists
* Pipe Blogs
* Pipes Accessories
* Food & Drink
* General Discussion
Creating a Forum Profile:
1. Once you’ve logged into the main site, click on Forum and update your profile signature.
2. Photo – Go to your profile and click Avatar
3. Find a discussion to join, or start a new one.
4. Subscribe via RSS to any discussion, main forum, or search topic.
5. Post links to your blog articles in the forum to create more exposure.
6. Create a forum signature
Forum Rules / Policies:
We have been running different types of forums for many years. That experience has taught us the importance of paying close attention to spam and blatant self-promotion before it gets out of control.
A forum is a place where a community can ask questions, educate, and network. When the members are bombarded with advertising on a regular basis within a forum, they lose the motivation to participate.
The purpose of this new forum is to keep things simple for the members and serve as a central hub where the entire community can congregate.
Answer questions, share valuable information, be friendly, contribute to a discussion.
Thank you.
Rules / Policies
No Blatant Self-Promotion
This means that we will not permit posts that just promote your company including advertisements, flyer attachments, or any noise that does not apply to the forum category or specific discussion.
Forum Signatures
Large signatures containing multiple back links, big images, or too many call to action buttons are also considered self-promotion. While “branding” is certainly part of the game, there is a line that some people tend to cross. No big deal, just consider your own personal business card when designing your forum signature. If you think it would look funny on your card, then it probably has the same affect in the forum.
No Spamming – Spamming a forum includes the following:
* Hijacking a conversation and posting information that doesn’t apply to the topic for the purpose of bringing attention to yourself.
* Posting under categories that don’t apply to your topic
* Creating duplicate posts with the same content under different categories
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I received a link in my forum post to this article, what does that mean?
A: There was probably something about your post that conflicted with our rules / policies. The link was simply a courtesy notice that you need to fix a few things. We’ll try not to publically embarras anyone by calling them out on the forum for simple mistakes. However, repeat offenders will have their posts automatically deleted.