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South African Pipe Smokers Community

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Locating the hand full of pipe smokers in Southern Africa and uniting the passion in a group

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  • I have started smoking pipe recently.
    I am from Pretoria.
    Luckily I have two Tobacconists close to me. One in Hatfield and one in Brooklyn. What tobacco do you guys suggest?

  • I have a couple of pipes (about 25 +/-). If I had to suggest a ”Bang of Buck” pipe to you Brendon, I would have to go with the Savinelli or Petersons systems. They both have a nice smooth smoke. On the other hand I you was something special…go get a Eben Hardt ( They are lovely to look at and smoke like a dream.

  • Hallo there!

    Glad to see that there is a SA group.

  • why is this group so quiet?

  • Is there any smokers in South Africa?
    If so, where about and what do you smoke?
    Please join the group and invite fellow South Africans.