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South African Pipe Smokers Community

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Locating the hand full of pipe smokers in Southern Africa and uniting the passion in a group

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  • The best way to explore pipe tobaccos in south africa is to go to a reputable tobacconist or from advice from fellow pipers. Have had some nice tobacco from cock and bull in northgate ( had a scottish mix which had a nutty taste and was just strong enough, house blend though) also wesleys is good for houseblends. But for my everyday smoking i enjoy the peterson tins. Enjoy irish flake, university flake and irish oak (isnt overbearing with the rum/ port taste) , not a big fan of the old dublin as it has a lot of oriental tobacco in it. I am not a fan of orientals and also dont enjoy flavoured (like rum and maple or cherry mixes ie cafe tobacco, i think it is horrible stuff, do often smoke haven 13 and smokers choice which i acquire from tbe tobacconist in potchefstroom upon visiting, which gives a nice variation in tastes) On that note anyone know of good flakes to try out and where can one purchase it. We should get a swapping group going or at least a club where we can smoke a bowl or two discuss its qualities and maybe even bring some of your favourite tobacco for the group to sample…. Maybe there is an oriental out there to grow on me….. Who knows

  • I have started smoking pipe recently.
    I am from Pretoria.
    Luckily I have two Tobacconists close to me. One in Hatfield and one in Brooklyn. What tobacco do you guys suggest?

  • I have a couple of pipes (about 25 +/-). If I had to suggest a ”Bang of Buck” pipe to you Brendon, I would have to go with the Savinelli or Petersons systems. They both have a nice smooth smoke. On the other hand I you was something special…go get a Eben Hardt ( They are lovely to look at and smoke like a dream.

  • Hallo there!

    Glad to see that there is a SA group.

  • why is this group so quiet?