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What Music With Your Bacci Stash?

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  • Started 4 years ago by elduderino
  • Latest reply from lordofthepiperings
  1. undecagon


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    Why this obsession with music? Music is good, in it's place, such as the concert hall, but I don't want to hear music when I am holding the phone, standing in a elevator, in a store or restaurant or walking down the street. And certainly not when I am smoking. Silence is better.

    Foggy!!! You're killin me!

    Ok, fine, I may be biased as my life literally revolves around the study, performance, and sharing of music. But, I maintain that for ANYONE music has it's place outside a concert hall (although, admittedly, not everywhere, or always)

    My smoking music is often the soundtracks to TV or Movies that I'm watching. If I'm reading, I'm not listening--my head just adds sound effects and music to the book. If I'm doing work, then it's probably, jazz, blues, soca, or calypso (the musics I generally work on), unless I'm doing very business sided work, in which case I put on some Blink 182 or Angels and Airwaves. These are things my brain can turn aside, not focus on or auto analyze, and I can focus on the tasks at hand. Driving is a mix of any of the above, with classic rock, latin, celtic, or anything else someone suggests to me. Every once in a while I put on some classical piano or orchestra stuff. It's not for me. And I KNOW, this is a short coming in my appreciation for music (I've had almost every professor ever tell me so) but I'm just bored with it. Melodies that I've heard hundreds and the worlds heard countless times, forms that fit a perfect mold, changes that are generally uninteresting. I try to like it, but it bores me. I'd rather spend my time noticing the classical/romantic quotes in modern music (they're everywhere!).

    "I said NO camels, that's FIVE camels...can't you count?!"
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  2. wyfbane


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    This seems to be a thread about what genre's one likes, since there is a thread already about what we are listening too at the moment.

    I like most genres of music. Only thing I don't listen to very often is Opera, Sissy jazz (elevator, etc), and Death metal level metal.

    Pretty much everything else goes, as evidenced by my entries on the 'listening now' thread.

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  3. lordofthepiperings


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    My taste in music is very wide ranging. I listen to grunge, alternative, r&b, 90s pop, some hip hop, and modern country.

    A lot of the times when I'm puffing away though I'll get into some Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, or Dean Martin.

    "The thinking man always smokes a Peterson." -Peterson of Dublin
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