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What is a Military Bit?

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  • Started 1 year ago by madmurdoc
  • Latest reply from mrenglish
  1. madmurdoc


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    The Dr. Grabow Omega I have says Military Push Bit on the package. What exactly is a Military Push Bit, and what are some other kinds of bits?

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  2. hans


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    Google is your friend.
    Found this on another site.

    "A military bit (aka army mount) is one where the tenon of the stem attaches to the shank at a metal-covered socket.

    The Peterson Army pipes are a nice illustration of these: like so.

    I've heard two stories as to the etymology of the term:
    1. It originates from a hasty pipe repair in the field of combat, possibly using a spent brass round.
    2. The style was designed to be broken down quickly in the field, e.g. in case of the need for total darkness or quick movement. The metal fitment allows you to remove the stem from a hot pipe with less stress on the wood."

    Click here

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  3. ohin3


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    The bit simply wedges into the pipe rather than having a mortice and tenon that fit together.

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  4. eaglerico


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    Check this out

    Pipedia Pipes Parts

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  5. rmbittner


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    As far as I'm aware, the "military" bit is one of the few whose name refers to the way the tenon-end of the pipe meets the pipe shank. There are also "thread" or "screw" bits, which actually screw into the shank (fairly common on meerschaums but not on anything else). All of the other bit names refer to the overall shape of the bit or the specific shape of the mouthpiece. Nowadays, you're not likely to see an orific bit, which is a round hole at the end of the mouthpiece (rather than a broad opening). Most common is the wedge bit, which if extended a little on the sides might be called a "fishtail." You're also likely to encounter a steck bit, which features a hole on the *top* of the bit, for projecting the smoke to the roof of the mouth rather than the tongue. (Handy if your tongue is tired out.) These are most popular on Peterson pipes and, due to their shape (and the strong Peterson association), are also called P-lip bits.


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  6. ssjones


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    I gather a silver-spigot is the same as a military bit, just with a metal (silver) clad stem piece?


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  7. mrenglish


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    Hey Al, you would be correct!

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