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Watch Out or Watch On?

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  1. carolinachurchwarden


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    I do love me some watches too. I've always loved the idea of owning a manual wind pocket watch, especially the ones you had to wind with a key, but they're.....kinda, sorta, way out of my budget. I'd settle for a nice old mechanical pocket watch in which you wind via the crown, but even a lot of those are out of reach. Mainly because I'm not wanting the cased metals, but actual sterling. I've loved them ever since my grandma bought me a hunter case with a deer on the front and a couple of grouse on the face beneath the crystal. It was gold cased, but it's rubbed off over time in places and it's quartz movement, but doesn't keep time very well anymore. Of course it's likely close to 25 years old.

    I am an old soul and love all things they call "vintage" these days, so mechanical winders and automatics I tend to love. Not a fan of quartz movements. Love the old fashioned feel of things, so when I saw this beauty of a Bulova in the case last year, I snatched her up:

    Several years ago, I was living down in Myrtle Beach and I would routinely stop by the pawn shops to kill time. I found in the case, a Citizen Eco Drive with a white face and a moon phase dial that I couldn't help buying. It was pawned by someone several years prior, but they had lost the other links to it and it was a bit small for any other mans wrist. Well they had just found the links recently so they could make it larger again, and I tried it on and it fit perfectly! So I made payments towards it because it was a little pricey for me. The most expensive watch I had ever bought at that point in my life until I bought the Bulova above.

    Before I bought that one, I was totally captivated by this Storm brand watch. It uses led lights for time and date. It was unique and I really liked it. It does have a slight issue though. The button used to adjust the date/time sticks really bad. I mean, you push it in and it stays that way and won't pop out within enough time to actually change the date or time
    I'll get that fixed one day, just not sure when.

    "If you can't send money, send tobacco." - George Washington

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  2. cosmicfolklore


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    Wow, that Storm Brand is outrageous. I've never seen one like that. It looks like something from the 50's that you would have to change the date and time with a punch card, ha ha. Very cool!

    That silver case is holding up very well for such a soft metal. What a treasure, and you have obviously taken very good care of it.

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