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Review: Sutliff Private Stock Golden Age

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    Blend Name: Sutliff Private Stock Golden Age

    Tin Description: Distinctive Flavorful Blend, Darkened Tobaccos with Perique

    Leaf: Black Cavendish, Burley, Oriental/Turkish, Perique, Virginia

    Appearance: Fine ribbon rut. Mostly light to medium colored tobaccos with a little bit of darker colored tobaccos at about a 85/15 ratio. Dry and ready to smoke out of the tin.

    Tin Aroma: Dried Fruits, Kumquats, wet leaves, brandy. Very nice dried fruit sweetness with a sour citrusy component – dried lemon peel? combined with a bit of hay and grass. Good changeup from the heavily cased Sutliff aromatics.

    Taste: The burley is forward with some nutty notes. A tiny bit of spice on the nose from the perique, with a corresponding hint of sweetness from the Cavendish. As I get down the bowl, the Virginias come into play a bit more, and the flavor becomes a little more complex. The Perique also becomes more pronounced as the bowl progresses, which is pleasant.

    Strength and Nicotine: Mild to the low end of medium. It’s there, but kind of at the back end of the auditorium.

    Smokeability: It’s smokeable. There aren’t any overwhelming flavors so it could be something that you smoke over and over again. But then again this lack of flavor makes it short of great. I will again make my analogy to a session beer. It’s like an average lager – a little interesting, and you could drink it for a long time. But would I reach for this if I’m having my one smoke for the week? Definitely not. It’s just not interesting enough.

    Room Note: From what I can tell, slightly toasty with a hint of sweetness. Nice neutral tobacco scent.

    Thoughts: A decent perique blend with a little bit of interest. There is some complexity which is nice, and the perique is a whisper in the background. A bit of sweetness and nuttiness balances it well enough. But overall it’s a solidly okay blend. No less and no more.

    Recommend to: An aromatic smoker and/or a new smoker who wants to dabble in perique blends. Someone who wants to develop their palate to try to pick out components in tobacco blends.

    Summary: A Sutliff perique blend with some other components to nicely balance it out and provide some interesting flavor notes. I wish there was more complexity here, and less burley might have helped with the taste. Not a bad blend overall, but not a very good blend either.

    My Background: I’ve been smoking for about three years. Have all types of pipes in all different price ranges, and have tried a lot of tobaccos. My favorites are Vas, VaBurs, VaPers (lots of different flakes) and I also love pressed Englishes (flakes and cakes).

    Disclosure: I contacted Sutliff myself a few weeks ago to ask to be a part of their reviewing team. I was accepted and received six tins of Sutliff Private Stock in the mail. The only condition on this free tobacco was to provide honest reviews to the community, so this is one of many that I'll be doing as part of the program.

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    Thanks for the review, I have this one in my "cart" and ready to go on my next order

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