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Review: Sutliff Private Stock County Cork

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    Blend Name: Sutliff Private Stock County Cork

    Tin Description: Imported Irish Cream Applied to a Base of Virginia and Burley Tobacco

    Leaf: Burley, Virginia

    Appearance: Coarse ribbon cut with light to medium colored tobaccos in equal amounts distributed throughout.

    Tin Aroma: Nice sweetness to it that immediately signals a sweet aromatic. I get a hint of alcohol-like flavor mixed in with the sweetness, and mixed with the burley it definitely gives the impression of a whiskey.

    Taste: Mild and pleasant, on the retrohale it is a pleasant sweetness. A nuttiness comes through as the bowl progresses, probably due to the burley content. I appreciate how it becomes less sweet as the bowl goes on. The creaminess of the tobacco is pretty nice, if a bit thin in the flavor department. It is very straightforward and not overly complex, but it’s a fine smoke for something that’s aromatic.

    Strength and Nicotine: Mild, mild, mild. The burley should give it a bit of strength but I don’t really feel them in the strength.

    Smokeability: Smokeable, and it can be something that you would be able to smoke all day. But I think personally I would get a little bit bored after a while with the taste because it is so straightforward.

    Room Note: Lightly sweet scent that is pleasant and not particularly distinguishable from other aromatics.

    Thoughts: A decent aromatic that does not offend but is not particularly interesting. But it does have a pleasant aroma in the room note and a fine taste when smoking, so I could see it being a blend that you’d enjoy on the go or when you are doing something else and not concentrating on just the flavor of the tobacco.

    Recommend to: An aromatic smoker, someone who wants to please their guests with the room note, a smoker who wants an inexpensive blend to smoke while out and about.

    Summary: A fine aromatic that doesn’t offend or particularly deliver in the flavor department. It is nonoffensive and has a great room note, so I think this could be a favorite for a smoke with company. But don’t expect a ton of variation of flavor or a tobacco that will knock your socks off with complexity, because you will be disappointed.

    My Background: I’ve been smoking for about three years. Have all types of pipes in all different price ranges, and have tried a lot of tobaccos. My favorites are Vas, VaBurs, VaPers (lots of different flakes) and I also love pressed Englishes (flakes and cakes).

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    Great review and pretty much matches my experiance with the tobacco. I'd say "interesting" in regard to taste isn't always what one looks for in a smoke. Molto Dolce is interesting, but sometimes you just want something simple to enjoy.

    The pipe is an instrument of civilization.
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