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Review: Sutliff Private Stock Country Estate

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    Blend Name: Sutliff Private Stock Country Estate

    Description on Tin: Smooth & sweet mixture of black Cavendish & rich Virginias.

    Leaf: Black Cavendish, Virginia

    Appearance: Coarse ribbon cut. About 60/40 ratio of black tobaccos (the Cavendish) to the medium/light colored Virginias. Relatively moist straight out of the freshly opened tin.

    Tin Aroma: Vanilla, raisin, plum. I like the tin note on this one – though there is the “signature” vanilla scent, there is a rich deep sort of stewed fruit component that I enjoy. Definitely more of an artificial plum note than one you’d get in a VaPer, though.

    Taste: A grape flavor is the predominant note that I get here. There is a little bit of vanilla in the background – almost like a grape cream soda if that makes any sense. Some plum and date notes as well. I think it tastes somewhat like a panettone or fruitcake. The taste of actual tobacco is near nonexistent, but that’s also not unexpected.

    Strength and Nicotine: Nothing to see here. It’s like I’m just puffing on sweetly scented air. Move along now.

    Smokeability: It’s pretty nice. I like the little bit of complexity to it (as far as aromatics goes). The addition of the dark fruit flavor to the tobacco makes it intriguing. Not just a plain vanilla note. Nothing harsh or terrible about it either, so it’s a pretty solid aromatic for me.

    Room Note: Stewed fruit – maybe a bit of mulled wine? Not very spicy, though. A bit of vanilla is present as well. My girlfriend noted it reminded her of candles, which is an apt description. Yankee Candle “Grape and Vanilla” would probably be this scent (I don’t think that exists, but it would be the exact analogue I’d imagine).

    Thoughts: Another Sutliff Aromatic, but this time with some notes that made it just complex enough for me to enjoy smoking a bowl. I like the fruit taste to it, and the mix of Virginias and Cavendish make this one an interesting smoke. I don’t think it’ll ever be a go to for me, but honestly it wasn’t that bad. And I don’t even like aros.

    Recommend to: An aromatic smoker and/or someone that wants to smoke in front of non-smokers (girlfriends and wives primarily). Someone who wants to be reminded of grandpa’s aromatics. A wineaholic.

    Summary: A Sutliff aromatic that goes perfectly with some wine and fruitcake. Perfect for the holiday season if you’re around family. I’d smoke it if I happened to have some around and had non-smoking company over, and my girlfriend likes it. A decent aromatic with a tiny bit of nuance, which I appreciate.

    My Background: I’ve been smoking for about three years. Have all types of pipes in all different price ranges, and have tried a lot of tobaccos. My favorites are Vas, VaBurs, VaPers (lots of different flakes) and I also love pressed Englishes (flakes and cakes).

    Disclosure: I contacted Sutliff myself a couple months ago to ask to be a part of their reviewing team. I was accepted and received six tins of Sutliff Private Stock in the mail. The only condition on this free tobacco was to provide honest reviews to the community, so this is the ninth of many that I'll be doing as part of the program!

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