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Review: Mac Baren Virginia No. 1

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    Before the review starts, I want to preface it by saying that I have taken a lot of your constructive (and occasionally harsh) criticism to heart. I have removed any editorialization from my language and have attempted to give a more neutral review. Hopefully you won't continue to see my reviews as "worthless", but I know people will continue to pick on me regardless. All I can do is try to make my reviews better and more helpful to the reader. Here's to hoping some others feel the same way!

    Blend Name: Mac Baren Virginia No. 1

    Tin Description: Golden Sweet Pipe Tobacco. A ready rubbed tobacco, manufactured from a selection of choice, ripe Virginia tobaccos, which gives Virginia No.1 a mild, sweet smoke.

    Leaf: Virginia

    Appearance: Fully rubbed out flake. Light to light medium color.

    Tin Aroma: A nice candy-like sweetness with grassy and hay notes in the background. Very pleasant, though I can’t quite put my finger on what the top flavor is. It’s just a vague fruity note.

    Taste: A good light Virginia taste with some sweeter notes that are evident from the topping. Not very much pure tobacco taste, but I didn’t expect that from the tin note. It’s certainly a rubbed out, quality non-descript Virginia to which the top note/casing adds a bit of glossy sheen. Like a caramelization, almost. Not a ton of depth of flavor, but it is consistent in its pleasant taste and retrohale. Something I could see myself smoking a couple bowls of in one sitting because it’s so easy to smoke.

    Strength and Nicotine: Not very strong, but not totally absent. Maybe my tolerance is getting to be a little high, I don’t know. But it’s just ever so slightly south of an enjoyable strength for me. Someone with a lower nicotine tolerance could see this as ideal, I think.

    Smokeability: Eminently smokeable, with a variety of pleasant flavors that meld well together. Will not offend your palate in any way. In that regard it’s not particularly exciting per se, but it is something I could see myself reaching for on occasion. Will definitely make your guests happy as well!

    Room Note: Pleasant room note with the same sweetness and vague grassy/hay like qualities from the smoke. Not too artificial but not too strong. A good middle ground.

    Thoughts: A solid lightly topped Virginia that would be a nice cross-over blend for someone who likes aromatics but maybe wants a little bit more tobacco flavor in their blends. That is not my personal favorite profile so I’m not going out to buy ten tins of this, but I could see how an aromatic smoker would enjoy this blend. Even non-aromatic smokers could see this enter into their rotation on occasion with no issue.

    Recommend to: An aromatic smoker, a non-aromatic smoker who would like something sweeter for themselves or their guests. Nicotine addicts need not apply.

    Summary: A nice aromatic Virginia blend that pleases the palate with sweet flavors of candy and fruit, but not in a sickening way. Something for everyone to enjoy is present in this blend (well, except Latakia, but that’s neither here nor there). Enjoyable and nonoffensive, if not particularly special or complex in flavor profile.

    My Background: I’ve been smoking for about three years. Have all types of pipes in all different price ranges, and have tried a lot of tobaccos. My favorites are Vas, VaBurs, VaPers (lots of different flakes) and I also love pressed Englishes (flakes and cakes).

    Disclosure: I contacted Sutliff myself a few months ago to ask to be a part of their reviewing team. I was accepted and have been receiving gratis Sutliff products in the mail. The only condition on this free tobacco was to provide honest reviews to the community, so this is one of many that I'll be doing as part of the program.

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    Nice review, thanks for sharing! I'm going to add this to my buy list.

    Posted 4 years ago #
  3. mikestanley


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    Working my way through a 7 oz can from
    the 80's, it's my morning pipe . Age is very
    Kind to this tobacco.
    Nice review.mike s

    Posted 4 years ago #
  4. pitchfork


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    Great review. I love everything about this tobacco except, for me, it bites like a badger.

    Posted 4 years ago #


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