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Review: Mac Baren Dark Twist Roll Cake

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    Blend Name: Mac Baren Dark Twist Roll Cake

    Tin Description: Golden Brown Virginia Tobacco.

    Leaf: Cavendish, Kentucky, Virginia

    Appearance: Small coins with light colored exteriors and occasionally dark centers. Nice medium moisture level out of the tin – not too moist and not too dry.

    Tin Aroma: The flavoring of maple sugar that is added to the tobacco comes out in the tin aroma. It interplays nicely with the hay, grass, and nut notes that I detect from the coins. There is a certain earthiness as well in small quantities, which is from the dark fired Kentucky. Very pleasant overall.

    Taste: The sweetness is pleasant and in the background, which interplays well with the lighter Virginia taste that is predominant in the blend. As with the tin note, the grass and hay notes are present, but is counterbalanced by some of the bass notes that are created by the Kentucky. The Cavendish also gives a bit of sweetness, which is a welcome addition. I wish there were more of the high notes and low notes in this blend, which can come out occasionally but are not always present, probably because of the way the coins are stacked.

    Strength and Nicotine: Mild and somewhat lacking in punch. Which is a good thing for the most part – I wouldn’t expect this blend to pack a wallop.

    Smokeability: Pretty smokeable, with the usual warning for Mac Barens to keep your cadence in mind lest you puff too hard and get tongue bite. But after smoking Mac Baren for a bit in the past month or two I’ve gotten the hang of it. Nothing in the strength department would prevent it from being an all day smoke otherwise.

    Room Note: Lightly sweet scent with a touch of grassy Virginia essence.

    Thoughts: A pleasant sweet Mac Baren blend with some interest and spice from the Kentucky to keep things interesting. I wish there were more of it, but keeping the amount down in the blend keeps things on the milder side which I’m sure appeals to a wider audience.

    Recommend to: Someone who likes light Virginias, an aromatic smoker who wants to try some non-aromatics, someone who is a nicotine lightweight, someone who wants to try an aromatic with some real tobacco notes, someone who wants to dabble in Kentucky a little bit.

    Summary: A solid coin that has a good interplay of the different notes that I’d expect from a well-blended tobacco. Because you can stack the coins any which way you like you can really vary the taste if you work with different combinations of coins, rubbing methods and pipe shapes. Good for experimentation if a bit lacking in the interest department overall. I like the taste, but I wouldn’t necessarily smoke it every day.

    My Background: I’ve been smoking for about three years. Have all types of pipes in all different price ranges, and have tried a lot of tobaccos. My favorites are Vas, VaBurs, VaPers (lots of different flakes) and I also love pressed Englishes (flakes and cakes).

    Disclosure: I contacted Sutliff myself a few weeks ago to ask to be a part of their reviewing team. I was accepted and the only condition on this free tobacco was to provide honest reviews to the community, so this is one of many that I'll be doing as part of the program.

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    Thanks for the review soymilk - right on the money. I bought some of this (and Mac Baren Plumcake) a couple of weeks ago and I really like it. Your comment about suiting a non-aromatic smoker who wants an aro with real tobacco notes is spot on. One unforeseen benefit of DT for me has been the focus on cadence to avoid tongue bite. Great stuff.


    "I don’t know how else to say it: you don’t see bums smoking pipes." Charlie Kramer
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    @Andy thanks very much for the compliment. Yes I think one thing smoking Mac Barens has taught me is to be patient and slow with my cadence. Maybe too much so, because I catch myself smoking the same way with other tobaccos that maybe could be enjoyed in a different manner!

    Posted 4 years ago #


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