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Rattray's Meerschaum pipes

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  • Started 2 months ago by jeffro
  • Latest reply from jonasclark
  1. jeffro


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    The pipes are being called Rattray's White Goddess pipes.

    I just noticed that Tobacco pipes.com from Florida and GQ tobaccos from the UK
    are now selling Rattray meerschaum pipes.
    The stems are custom made by Eldrich pipes, maker Chris Kelly.
    the stems allow for a 9mm filter

    does anyone have more information about these pipes?
    the ad on GQ pipes website for the pipes, states that they are made from high quality Meerschaum.
    To me the pipes seem a little on the small side.
    the prices for them are between $215-$265. on Tobacco pipes website.
    I like that the stems are custom poured acrylic, Chris Kelly makes top notch pipes.

    What are your thoughts on these pipes?
    here are just two examples there are many more on the websites

    links for the pipes.

    [url=Tobacco Pipes Rattrays White Goddes Pipeshttps://www.tobaccopipes.com/search/search-results/?search_query=white+goddess]

    Posted 2 months ago #
  2. User has not uploaded an avatar


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    They are made by Altinay, a make sold in Europe. I have one and it is a good meerschaum.

    Posted 2 months ago #
  3. cortezattic


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    I just spot-checked a couple of the pipes that, by appearance, appealed to me. The chamber inside diameters are much too small for me: like, less than 0.80"

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    Posted 2 months ago #
  4. paulie66scandinavian


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    I have had an Altinay 9mm, good pipe though on the smaller side.

    Paul The Scandinavian'
    Posted 2 months ago #
  5. madox07


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    I have paid half of what they are asking for a Ratray's for a regular Altinay. If you must have the Ratray logo embossed on your stem, I guess it makes sense to pay that much. If not, well I believe you will be quite happy with a regular Altinay. They make good pipes ...

    Sea Wolf Pipers

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    Posted 2 months ago #
  6. jonasclark


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    I think they're quite small for the price. At least for me, a fancy hand-made stem, though very pretty, doesn't justify the prices given.

    Posted 2 months ago #


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