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Rattray's Bog Oak Pipes with Vulcanite Stems?

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  • Started 1 month ago by odobenus
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    Hey folks, I have a Rattray's 2000 Years Bog Oak pipe with an acrylic stem -- green, faux-cumberland -- that I bought back in February. I see new pipes, otherwise the same in every detail, are now listed on Smoking Pipes as having vulcanite stems. The stems look identical to the old ones (red cumberland, or black). Anyone have any inside knowledge that can confirm this change, or speculate about why it occurred? I'm intrigued by it, preferring vulcanite and loving this bog oak pipe as I do, but not wanting to entertain a second one unless I know for sure it's actually vulcanite. Rattray's pipes are made in a variety of places so I suppose that a different factory might have different preferences or materials.

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