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Question Regarding Pipes

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  • Started 2 years ago by rileyerik
  • Latest reply from captainsousie
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    I am wondering if anyone knows where to find some very good quality handcrafted pipes. Or just good crafted pipes. I know Joe Case makes pipes and i love his pipes just a little to pricey for me around 100 is what im looking for. I also know that Boswells has really good quality pipes(so i have heard) but are there any other places.

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    If you are looking for handmade pipes in that range, there are a few makers you may be able to find. Look at Tim West pipes. You can look through this sticky thread from this forum as well with a list of North American pipe makers.

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  3. captainsousie


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    If you're looking for them that cheap, I'd probably go with an Arley Curtz pipe (that's the only place I know to get them but you could try contacting Jeanie's in Salt Lake City) They start around $100 new and they are stellar pipes. I got mine at Jeanie's back in August. It was an estate for $50 and it's quite nice. I'll have to post a pic.

    EDIT: That horn for $129 is just calling to me so buy it...please.

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