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Prince Albert Cans

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    I have just found some old empty cans of Prince Albert Tobacco, and was wondering if anyone knows how well they work for long term storage of my tobacco or would it just make my tobacco dry out. I do know that mason jars are best for long term storage, but was wondering if they work the same way, Thanks in advance.

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    As long as the can still seals properly, you can keep tobacco in a clean old 16 ounce Prince Albert can. I did this for years, put a pouch moistener coin, charged with distilled (not tap) water in a muffin cup, plopped it on top of the tobacco in the can, and GTG.

    It works OK. Is it as good as screw-top canning jars? No. But I still keep my Carter Hall and Walnut in the plastic tubs they come in, using a coin or HumiCare pillow.

    If your can's clean and in good shape, keep in a cool dry place and you're storing the contents to get into and smoke the contents, not aging it, I don't see a problem.

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