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Price of Vintage Tins Peterson Irish Whiskey Tobacco

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  • Started 4 years ago by bracerbob
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  1. bracerbob


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    I have a chance to buy some unopened tins of Vintage Irish Whiskey Tobacco when it was still made in Ireland. Is $14.00 per tin a reasonable price? The person has had them for six or seen years. Any suggestions/advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You Very Much !
    aka Florida Piper
    Spring Hill , Florida

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  2. beefeater33


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    I would say $14 a tin is reasonable, especially if its a blend you love. Smoking pipes has the "new" tins for $9, and you must pay shipping. A good cigar is $14+, and you only get 2 hours of smoking pleasure.....You will get many good smokes from a tin, so I'd say yes!!

    "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dream..."
    Willy Wonka
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  3. lordofthepiperings


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    Irish Whiskey is a lightly cased aromatic. I'm not sure having six or seven years age on it would do much for it. If you're buying vintage tins it's much better if they're a straight Virginia or a Virginia-Perique as those do greatly improve with age.

    Considering that brand new they're only around $9 a tin online I'd say $14 a tin isn't too bad.

    "The thinking man always smokes a Peterson." -Peterson of Dublin
    Posted 4 years ago #
  4. rigmedic1


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    I have never smoked a tin from that era, but I smoke Peterson's Irish Whiskey very regularly. It does not have a whiskey taste like other whiskey blends, but it is a very good if you like Virginia and Burley. And it can only get better with age, lol. I would pay that price for it in a heartbeat.

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  5. User has not uploaded an avatar


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    Pipestud once informed me that the older white-labeled stuff was a stouter, darker tasting blend than the version we get now. I like Irish Whiskey a lot and would be happy to smoke either iteration. Aytbody tried Rattray's Sir William?

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