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Pipe Maker Michail Kyriazanos on Radio Show of February 12, 2019

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  • Started 3 months ago by Kevin
  • Latest reply from bluegrassbrian
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    On tonight's Pipes Magazine Radio Show, Brian will answer a question from a listener regarding the use of bamboo on pipe shanks. Hint: It started out as more than an embellishment. Our featured interview is with Greek Pipe Maker Michail Kyriazanos. He was raised in the Aegean island of Paros and studied electrical engineering in Athens. Then he started to smoke pipes, and fell in love with them. He moved back to Paros years ago and is making excellent Danish-style shapes and perfect classic shapes as well.

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  2. ssjones


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    Man, I'm so far behind on PipesMagazine Radio podcasts, but I'll leap ahead to hear Michail interviewed. I have one of his pipe and love his classic shaping.


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  3. bluegrassbrian


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    Nice! One of my favorites!

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